Friday, January 1, 2010

Winner is

First I want to thank everyone for stopping by. I hope that you continue to stop in and check on me. I am planning a mystery soon. I have the design made just getting to the steps!
Next order of business is Happy New Year. I hope this year brings frabric and yarn all around me, health and happiness. And it brings whatever you wish and or need in abundance to you.
So that leaves us to the winner. tells me that Colleen is the winner! So you need to email me with all your info so I can get this out to you.

Thanks again



  1. Thanks so much Susan. I emailed you with my information. Colleen

  2. Ran across your blog. The quilts are beautiful. Small town living can certainly have its downsides when in the hunt for that special fabric. We drive 30 miles for the nearest fabric shop. I'm not near as energic as you in the production of the quilts and I have cut my time down on my Gammil to almost nil. But, still piecing away. Hope the gym has been helping and you've gone past the hurting and stiffness.


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