Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok I need another quilt...

Came home from work today and thought the house to be a little cold. Hubby has been on a kick of trying to save money so really didn't think to much about it. he came on downstairs and I commented on the temp and teased him that outside was going to be warmer soon. So he became worried looked at the themostat and headed down to the basement. Darn furnance has went out and repairman busy and can't get to us till tomorrow. Thank goodness it is only getting down to 20° tonight and I do have some quilts to cuddle under while watching TV. Now ustairs is nice and toasty it has a gas fireplace so won't have to worry while sleeping. Starting to shiver just sitting here typing. 50° right now.  Gonna hurry this post up.

Got the red white and black quilt done that was pictured a couple weeks ago. This is Margie's quilt. I wish I could have gotten a better pic of it.

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