Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eye Candy

Well I don't think I will ever catch up on things! I know of course if I would stay off Facebook  I would have more time for home stuff. I have been busy getting things done and I thought I better get some pic on here. So here goes.

This is Carmie's and it is for a grandson. The back is just as wild and I thought I had got a pic of it but like with everything else, I must have thought wrong. Carmie usually does everything by hand, but like the rest of us, time is getting away from her  and she decided that getting a few machine quilted wasn't a bad idea. she has another one that she is getting together for a grandaughter. I can't wait to see what that one looks like.
This belongs to Miss ReJena. Now I have to tell you that this quilt did nothing for me. Oh don't worry ReJena knows it too. These are absolutely not my colors. I get quilts like this to quilt and sometimes just have a real hard time figuring out what to do on them and am very thankful when the owner tells me what they want. I think for a real challenge I am going to go out and get some fabrics in these tones and force myself to do something with them. Then just maybe I will get over the blahs for the mutes. Now ReJena had asked for just a bunch of leaves. I kinda cringed I thought not a bad design but it could have so much more.  But look at that pic somehow the tree behind me got into the pic. See I guess leaves were destined to be there. Too dark for a shadow...but getting off track. I got a call from a sister (has a long arm too) and she said she had a couple pantos she was getting rid of and wanted to know if I wanted them. One was a pumpkin panto. OH OH yes yes that is what this quilt needs pumpkins not a bunch of leaves. So I got with ReJena and  we waited for the panto to arrive.

We waited and we waited. Days turned to weeks. I really think that ReJena thought I was just trying to get out of quilting it. But alas it arrived. I think it was well worth the wait. The front fabrics have pumpkins in them. This is the back pic.
Then I have this one that is ReJena's. It is a baby quilt for someone in her Church. It has precious little doggies on it so I put little Scottish terriers on it with a meander. I

 This is one of mine. I needle turned the appliqued baby animals. It is really my first quilt with needle turn. I think I am going to have to learn to love doing needle turn, for every pattern I pick out is appliqued. I know I know I could machine it but... applique is one thing I believe in old school on it. Funny isn't it. I wouldn't hand quilt if my life depended on it but I it is reverse with applique. So hand applique it is with machine quilting. Yes I am just shaking my head here too.  Well back to the quilt. After quilting it I realized that I forgot to embroider the details of the animals. So know I am struggling with do I embroider or just use the pigma pen and draw them on. Any thoughts on this from anyone????

This last one is mine also. It is made with this cool template tool called the X Block. I did many demos of this and with each one I added a new top to my UFO list. Well check one off. This is a little boy quilt and the one above is a little girl. I told my youngest son, I am ready. He laughed quite loudly I may add. (Nope he isn't even dating anyone) Grandma can hope. But I am ready. Ok that is it for now I think.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I did the Fri night sew in for the past two months but have forgotten to post after wards. Well this month I got very little done that Fri. night. It was the rehearsal dinner night for my Step daughters wedding but I came home and quilted (long arm) a baby blanket. Camera battery out so I will have to wait to post pics. The wedding was beautiful, thought life was back to normal, trying to catch up on some quilting but I had a little hitch on the quilt that was on my machine. So I spent a few days piecing. I was 7 months behind on my buck a block and I had a secret sister block of the month for years now that I have been working on. but the quilt got repaired and done. Pics to come once I get new batteries. So life back to normal NOT. My birthday came and was a wonderful day until that night got a call from sister that lives close to parents. Dad is going in for heart procedure. Guess they call it angioplasty (I have no clue she just said they go in and try to open veins with balloon). So 750 miles away I stress all the next day, get home from work and yep by-pass surgery. He is 86 more stress.Get the call, quadruple by-pass.I hate being so far. For a week keep in touch by phone and the sisters, there are 5 of us, decide that we need to be there when he gets out. One sister living close has hurt her leg so her help has no ended so that leaves the other sister close, she does a might fine job of transporting mom back n forth. Props to ya Marla. I arrange to take a week off work so I left on the Oct 9th for MO. I have spent the past week helping with whatever I could to take the stress off my mother and to assist with my father. Got home late last night. So now can life get back to normal. Gosh I hope so.