Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my hubby

This is my husband and I. I really think he looks like he is having to much fun!!!! Just another day here in Indiana

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I have been doing

Ok this first quilt is Karens. It is her Giant Postage Stamp, she bordered it with the split 9 patch. I just did a feather meander on it. Lovely quilt Karen!

This next quilt is Janet's. She called it her Christmas quilt since it was in all reds and greens. So I quilted Santa Claus' in it for her.
Great quilt Janet

Since I haven't posted pics in awhile I am trying to get caught up on them. The cats have been done now for weeks! They belong to Angela in England, they were a Row by row from Mailblocks group

This is a row by row for my local club, it bleongs to Jean

This final row is Lisa's in CO. It is a replacement row for one that was never returned to her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2

Well I made the day! Little sore got pretty stiff if I sat too long but I made it. So off to the gym I went tonight for water aerobics. Ok this stuff works! I am past a little stiff just directly to being a board, I couldn't even bend over to take my suit off after the class. I was there in the shower of the gym standing there with my drawers half down and I couldn't make it rest the way, I ached to bad. I leaned against the wall and wanted to cry but that would have only brought someone over to see my predicament. I mustered up all the energy I had left and really I think that God put his hand on my back and leaned me over, for I know not any other way I could have managed to bend over to get those darn wet things off. Once I got them off I then had to redress. Let me tell you, if you think you are out shape do something quick,don't let it get to this stage. Even my fingernails hurt! The worst part of it is I have water stuck in my left ear and it is driving me crazy. Anyway after struggling with my under garments I got them on. (I had really thought about leaving without them) Now I just have to make it up the stairs for bed. I am wondering why I wanted a two story house. Hubby said that I must have been exhausted last night for I snored like an old logger. (Ok not sure what that would sound like but he got up and went to another room). Right now my arms hurt and it is hard to type. But I will prevail. I have to keep thinking about the end results.
I have to have will power I quit smoking after 25 years of that. I just put them down and never looked back. That was 7 years ago. So surely I can stick with this. I will stick with this

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a new day dawning

Well Monday has come and I have decided that I need to do something with all this insulation I have (my dads kindest words he could find to call me fat). I hate dieting and will not give up some foods. I know how to eat healthy and know how to cook it, but there lies the problem, it takes so darn long to prepare meals. But I have to I HAVE TO. So I have started a workout routine. OH boy I can barely type, I am so sore. Hubby and I have joined the local Wellness Pavilion. Just a fancy way to say gym. Now any of you that knows my hubby knows that a strong wind will blow him away but, his Dr. seems to think he can wait on the knee surgery (this past Jan he told us he would have to have the surgery this year) so he decided that strengthening it might be the best thing. (I really think that he is just doing this to help me out.) Before we moved here we had a hot tub and he has really missed that so sitting in the hot tub is one of the joys he will be experiencing at the gym. Me OMG I did that darn thing Elliptical (like a stair stepper) and in five minutes I thought I was going to pass out, but I made 10 minutes on there. Then did a few reps on each machine OH Lord I must be nuts, I hurt where no woman should hurt. Why oh why have I let myself go!!! Then off to the pool. I love to swim. Our old place had a pool I was out there all the time! I love water so in the cool pool I went and in half a lap I am dead, Thank the Lord it isn't that deep or I would have drowned. I did one complete down and back lap with one stop each way for resting and crawled out of the pool and sat in the hot tub for 5 minutes. Enough I want ice cream!. But instead had a salad for supper. Now sitting here I have had to get up twice or I wouldn't have gotten up and am wondering how I am going to make it up the stairs to bed?
I had great plans of posting pics of quilting rows I had completed this weekend but I can't take this pain in the everywhere so I have to go.
I will try to keep you posted on this New day dawning adventure. That is if I live

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OMG and rambling

I can't believe it. Connie's Pinwheels took first place in viewers choice for the 'smaller than bed size quilts' at the local quilt show. I am sure I saw much prettier lap quilts. I mean there was a 3D sampler and heavens there was an appliqued summer wall hanging. I guess it was simplicity they voted on this year. So now my two quilts show are over and I can now start on next years! Yay right. I've got ninety million projects already started and need to get a few of them done. Friends got me on facebook and it seems I spend my time playing games. Not even chatting with anyone there just playing games. I did find a few old classmates. Most of them male classmates and it seems they are not to friendly, guys are never really to talkative. Judy doesn't post much either so not spending much time with them either, but at least I can catch up on things if needed. Facebook you are not getting my precious time today so I am not going there today. I have to get some quilting done. I am in two row by row robins and need to finish them up. I have loads of clients quilts and need to get them done. I am going to the 'scrap retreat' in two weekends and need to get the scraps together for the workshops. Really sometimes I wonder why spend so much time on the puter when I have so many other things to do. Ok I am done I really just want to wahoo about the quilt winning viewers choice and got side tracked. So off for now, to go quilt, will post pics when done

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quit Done

Another UFO Done! This was a bag challenge from Quilting In Indiana about 3 years ago. A lady named Connie Brown got my bag. I had bought this fabric I loved it but didn't know what to do with it. I think that was because it was not bright enough for me. So I sent this off to Connie. She made this beautiful Double Pinwheel quilt. I had originally wanted to add borders, since I knew where I could get more of the fabric, but the more I thought about the more I thought I wanted to keep it the way she made it. Well I finally got it out and finished it. I think after the quilt show this week it will be the one that I put in the van for travel comfort. My grandaughter was just saying yesterday how it got cold and she needed a blankie, so this will be the one. I have the pillowcase made to match so it will be nice and neat in the back seat. Thanks Connie!