Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things I have been doing

Ok this first quilt is Karens. It is her Giant Postage Stamp, she bordered it with the split 9 patch. I just did a feather meander on it. Lovely quilt Karen!

This next quilt is Janet's. She called it her Christmas quilt since it was in all reds and greens. So I quilted Santa Claus' in it for her.
Great quilt Janet

Since I haven't posted pics in awhile I am trying to get caught up on them. The cats have been done now for weeks! They belong to Angela in England, they were a Row by row from Mailblocks group

This is a row by row for my local club, it bleongs to Jean

This final row is Lisa's in CO. It is a replacement row for one that was never returned to her.

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