Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soldier Quilts

The Grandkids are here this weekend, well 2 of the 3 are. Maybe I should get adjusted to just having 2. My son is getting a divorce and the oldest child is not his. The mother said she would never take him away from us but I feel as tho she is.  I know I know I am just feeling sorry for myself. There is so much to this story, but anyone who reads this just pray for that little boy, he is 11 and my son has been the Dad for almost 10 years now. I am sure he (grandson) is very confused.
OK so I have dedicated today for the soldiers. My local quilt club gives out quilts to our local service members, so I thought today would be  the perfect day to make a few quilts for that purpose. Here are 2 that I put together. This first one was from swapped blocks that I have had now over a year. I thought I had  lost them then one day, 'poof ' there were here. I have more of these blocks and thought I would put them altogether but........the mind takes over and I guess I have decided to use them in  4 different quilts. All the pieced blocks (Friendship Links) were made by the same swapper, Karen, so  the blues on the diagonal from bottom left to top  right are the same and the reds going from top left to bottom right are the same.  Thought this basic 9-patch setting was nice and I know it was easy.  I see quilting big feather hearts in the red squares. Maybe I should just do feather circles since some guys might think it too sissy if it has big hearts. Hmmm any thoughts?

This next top took a little more time. I used another one of Karens Friendship Links block for the center and went out from there. I do a lot of swaps with what
we call Happy blocks. The scrappy squares are made up of them. They have bee collected for the past couple of years, and these are from Ramona, Mary, Maggie and of course me. I put four together and then surrounded them with a gold. The stripe fabric corners has been donated from one of the club members for the soldier quilts. I have used it on a back before but I wanted something with a little more interest then just plain squares. The tan and Navy stripes are dotted with blue and red stars. I think I like this top as it falls in to my scrappy catagory. I guess now I just have to find time to quilt them. I guess if I would stay off the computer I could have more time for such things.  I do have other pics but I will wait and post them tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eye Candy

Well I have been working so I thought I would post a few pics of what I have been doing.

This is Billie's, I love the fabrics in this one. I wouldn't care if this one was never picked up. This is for her daughter and I heard that her daughter likes butterflies so I meandered them in. plain and simple but hen with that fabric you didn't need to much!
Lee brought this one to me. A friend of hers did this one and found out she had late stages of cancer. So we hurried on this one so the woman could see it done and give it to whomever she had planned on. I really love doing this one. I think that is probably my best time ot the machine when I can just 'do it'.


This is a bag challenge on one of my Yahoo groups. Stacy sent me this bag of floral fabrics. Way out of my comfort zone! There was lots of the floral green and small amounts of the fuchsia,  cream/fuchsia mix,dark green and the beige. I used this ne (to me) technique, take a four patch and cut it up into a 9 patch. I used all the fuchsia  set them on point but it wasn't big enough go I then di the same thing with the cream/fuchsia mix. It is now 71 x 71 so it will make a nice couch throw. I was to have this back to her the 1st of Aug but I begged her to keep it till later this week when I have to give class demo on this technique again. I really like it now that I have it done and believe that the beige border just 'makes' it.

On pne of my Yahoo groups we did a 30's sampler swap. Only 7 entered it so to make a nice size sampler we all did 3 blocks. Here are 2 of mine the 3rd one is needle turned appliqued double fans. Yep I know I need to take a pic of it. I didn't take a pic of all of them before I sent them off to new owners but I do have mine. I never really liked the 30's repro fabric but it is growing on me.

Now this is mine. I did something for me. I have had this baby quilt pieced for about a year or maybe more. I decided that I needed to do something for me to get some UFO's out of the way. This quilt was made with the too called X Block. If you don't have it get it! It is great the designs you can make with it. The border pieces are from the left overs of the center. In this pic I don't have the binding down but it is done now and I just need to add a label.

This was done by Margie for her brother. He is a Harley rider and the fabrics state that. The skull and cross bone panto was a good fit for this one. She called to tell me how much he loved it.

Well that is about it for now.