Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life's a Happening

So it has been months since I have been on here. I stay really busy with day to day workings. Nine hours a day on the day job makes me tired. Then I try to get some quilting done. Posting on here has taken a back back seat for a couple, one is we lost our Internet service. We have our land line phone thru the Internet too and the modem for this went kaapluwie. It was so nice not hearing any ringing, not having any tele charity calls. Since we don't give out the cell phone numbers (I don't know why, I have unlimited everything) it was quiet. It probably took us near a week just to figure out we different have service then we had a bad storm come thru and knocked out cell service. Right before Internet went out I find out that all my USB ports are bad. Why I don't know. But I can't plug anything in and be recognized, I guess maybe that is why it took so long to figure it out that I had no service,just wasn't interested in being on knowing that computer was getting ready to take a dump, and this laptop! I have this laptop and it has a mind of it's own. The cursor is crazy. I can  be typing away and then the next thing I know my typing will just start somewhere else in the middle of a sentence way off from where I was. Very frustrating! So it has forced me to use the laptop so I can download pics.
For weeks now Hubby and I have been traveling back n forth to hospital to see his dad. It's been one thing after another and I can see the wear on the hubby. Then thoughts are how much can an 88 yr old take. So emotional draining.
But lets face it you don't come here to read about my crazy problems you really want to see some eye candy.
 This is Karen O.'s. While doing this I called it "Taking Flight" Of course I have no clue as to the real name but that is just what I called it. Such a pretty quilt and it was made for her Grand daughter. Lucky little girl!
This is a close up of Marilyn's quilt. This little baby quilt was hand embroidered 37 yrs ago. It was made for Marilyn's daughter by Marilyn's mother. But was never finished. Marilyn came to me and said she like to get this quilted like her mother wanted it done. Uh OH she was going to hand quilt it. She also stated that she had it marked out to hand quilt and she had individual blocks marked out. OK I can do that, if it's marked out I can do it. So sure!!!NOT she had washed the marking out, so I was on my own. Now I had to try to figure out what a woman would have done by hand 37 yrs ago and the what her daughter thought she would have done.  
 So here it is. I stressed over this little thing for weeks. I was so worried I wouldn't do what it deserved. I knew I had to please the owner or she would have felt I ruined her Moms quilt and that would irreplaceable. This top a one of a kind had to be done just right. Oh How I worried. But when she picked it up she gave me a hug. I think she liked and I did ok. Whewwwwwwww
This is a close up of a baby blanket by Rejena. She made two of these for twin baby girls. The panto used on this one is her favorite called "Bottoms Up"a Nicole Webb design.
And here is the full quilt. Isn't it so cute. And two of them. Such pretty quilts. Great job!
And here is another by Rejena. This is all out of Fairy Frost but the white background. This is the first quilt she started but hated it so it has taken her years to get back to it. Hey anyone else know this feeling. I still haven't finished the first one I started. When she gave this one to me to do she said 'make me love it.' Make me love it well that is no pressure. So each block has it's own individual quilting. I loved it when it was done and I think she did too, she still talks to me so she didn't hate it. lol
This is a close up of another of Rejena's quilts. She made this one for a friend out of his ties. He was a coach and most all of his ties had a sports theme to them. I used a panto from Meadowlyon. The panto has football soccer baseball basketball and volleyball represented.
 And here is the front of the quilt. Strings that's a lot of cutting of ties. OH MY. It turned out to be a beautiful quilt. I know how much time she put in on this and it was worth every minute she did.

It would be nice if I would post some pics of the ones of mine I finished, guess I need to get some pics of them. I have completed a couple of them. But it's time to get off here for now.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Something Done

Got a few things to catch up so lets go back  WAY back to July. My local quilt club has it's annual quilt show, so I tried really hard to get  a few of my things done.  I had 6 quilts finished, that's the whole total for last year so yay , and then finishing one in August for the new grand baby I am way ahead. I have not started anything new this year other than the comfort quilts for co workers. It has been hard not starting something I am a starter, as you can see with all my UFO's on the side bar. Just as I say I have not started anything I am telling you a lie. Way back in early July we had a family reunion and the sisters wanted to do a Jelly Roll Race. I have to admit I didn't want to do this for I think they are boring quilts to look at. But when a big sis wants something you do it RIGHT. So I got my done first and tucked it away helping the others as needed. A high school classmate posted a couple of her jelly roll tops and I loved them and had to think long and hard on this. WHY?? I decided maybe if mine just had some borders it would be better. So I bought borders yesterday for it. BUT that is the only thing I have started this year without it being a comfort quilt to be finished and given away. Proud me but bored me.  So with the completion of my quilts I had a nice showing in the quilt show, nothing to win with but DONE quilts just the same.                                       

A friend Jeannie asked me to quilt her quilt well of course I'll do it and just so happens I have seen just the design too. Cardinals panto form my favorite panto maker  Judy of Meadowlyon. Her quilt was a row by row that she wanted to do but didn't. She was so afraid that she wouldn't measure up or she would get something really crappie. Yes that is a chance but so far I have gotten good to really nice and wonderful back. So far I have not been un happy with anything I have gotten back. So she picked out a pattern block that I had done on an earlier quilt the Split Nine Patch. But she decided not to make the small 6" blocks not the normal 12" like I did called Scrappy Diamond Plates. Hers was stunning she asked each rower to fussy cut something for the center most did a cardinal like her but going to a retreat with her she stated someone used other Christmas type things. So with a bunch of fabric on the dump table and knowing there was Christmas fabric on there and knowing I was on her row list, I asked her if there was anything there that would work. She picked out a cute fabric that had some dear and rabbits and quail all in Christmas attire. 

 So here is a couple pictures of her quilt and the quilting. She supplied the light background fabric. In these pictures it looks white but is really a beige color and I believe it is fairy frost. Yes it has a bit of shimmery shine. The red border fabric has metallic gold. So most people tried to fins another red with metallic gold in it. She asked that no one sew their rows together, that way she could arrange them the way she thought looked best. Her bestie friend was in rower group and she replaced the center block with a paper pieced cardinal. So in putting this top together the cardinal was set in the center thus crating this stunning quilt. The cardinal panto worked beautifully on this quilt. The outside green print border is of cardinal quilting also. So with all this said she struggled with whether or not to enter it into the quilt show. The show is just a viewers choice no judging but she still struggled with whether it was good enough or not. But she entered it and it showed spectacular, so spectacular, it won best in machine quilting and BEST of SHOW. Whoot whoot to know that I helped with it.
Here it is before the binding. Not the best pic but there it is. I did the top row. That center cardinal really sets it off. But to get to the best part, Jeannie calls me one day and asks if I can meet her up at the quilt shop. She then tells me and shows me she won as part of her Best Machine Quilt award a $25.00 gift certificate from this shop and she wanted me to have half. Wow most of the the time the quilter doesn't even know how the quilt does but for the owner to want to share the prize with the quilter was a first for me. I argued but knowing Jeannie I have argued with other things and they became a contest in one upping till someone gives up. So I knew that arguing was a moot point. It so happened that it was a Tuesday and the quilt shop has Fat Quarter Tuesday, 3 F4's for $5.00 . I picked out 6 F4's and told her no more or we would be back to playing our one up game. then I sent her a thank you card. Love that Lady she is special. She claims she still owes me but I told her NO and to quit thinking about it.

This  Kathy's quilt. We went on a retreat a couple of years ago that Bonnie Hunter was the guest. She did two classes there and this was one of them. No I have not finished wither of mine yet. Yes I will someday and seeing Kathys' makes me think I need to get mine out. This one I quilted with paisleys. Kathy loves paisleys so I had to put them on the quilt.

This is Carol S's. Her grand daughter picked out the fabrics and the setting is divine.
This is quilted with Riverflow from once again Meadowlyon. Yes I love Meadowlyon pantos. Love this quilt and love the colors Carol great job.

This is a true charm quilt and belongs to Anita H. Local club did a charm swap (no I did not participate). Their goal was to have them done for our quilt show in August. (I belong to two clubs so two quilt shows)  They could do any patch they wanted. Anita chose the thimble or sometimes called tumbler. I love how she color coordinated the angled rows. Such a charming quilt. Ha ha me made a funny.

And this is Jeans Charm quilt. She also did the charm swap and she used triangles. She cut her charms in half on diagonal and made two quilts. This one was random set. I love the scrappy love love love scrappy and this one is it.

This is Harriet's sampler. Isn't is lovely . (do you hear the Stevie Wonder music playing). Isn't is beautiful. I really like this and the blocks a wonderful. Wish I would have done this one. I'm sure it was a BOM at the local quilt shop.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Boston? Oh no

Well I found my way to the big city of Boston. So many reasons to come here but the main one was to meet  family members we have never an. Like or new grandson, Parker. Little Parker  is now three weeks old. Photo is of the little guy  on his quilt. I made for him. The blocks were made for the oldest grand child who is now14. Well obviously it never got  When we got the news of Parker coming I dug the blocks out and put it together.  Doesn't he look little?
Well we had a bit of down  time so I had to look up a quilt shop. And I found it! OMG here is little ole me,driving from one place in Waltham to Cambridge. So I want to say Monique and Manya were so great. Friendly friendly friendly.  Fabric selection was great. I didn't check out books patterns rulers and such. Just stroked fabric   I could have spent the day there but had the Hubster with me. I'm surprised he did so well. To all those that live in this area you are lucky to have such a great shop.
My loot 9 fat quarters. Got a plan but you will have to wait to see it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Parker's quilt

We just got our 4th grandchild. Parker! And this is his quilt. The Hubster and I are going out to meet him later this week, so I have to get this done and packed by WED night. I have had these blocks for 7 or more years and this was just a great time to use them. Parker lives in the Boston area and oh so far away. This quilt is meant to be used. I hope it is liked.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

AQS Quilt Show Grand Rapids, MI

Took a bus trip with 50 of my fellow quilters to the AQS Quilt Show yesterday. Hadn't been to a large show in quite awhile, sometime ago I found out large busy shows weren't my thing. Love the show and vendor specials are great but with claustrophobia crowds can be a problem. I tried it again this time knowing my problem I stayed away from the crowded areas. I made it with no problems. So with that I want to say NONE OF THESE ARE MINE AND I MAKE NO CLAIM TO THESE. I JUST WANT TO SHARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITES.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time keeps slipping,slipping into the future

No matter how hard I try it seems I can't find my way here. It is the time of year for my local quilt shows and with being in two clubs I'm pretty busy. So quick post. Here's a quilt by Rose. Not much to say but wow, what a beauty.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shop hopping on the road.

Last week I went home to MO and found some new to me quilt shops to go to.  The first shop was The Blue Top Quilt Shop in Lamar MO. This is a brand new shop, in fact they will be having their grand opening later this month. From the outside you would never guess that there was a quilt shop inside. There was a hose and some other hardware type stuff outside in front. Once in the door to the right it was like a variety store, little trinkets and things, you could even get computerized screen printing done on site. But to the left was this wonderful quilt shop. They have some great new fabrics, brand new!!!
Then stopped in Nevada, MO at the 9 Patch Quilt and Fabrics, Quilt shop, very friendly! A regular came in to show off a quilt she just got back from the quilter. It was beautiful!. A Dresden Plate and her fabric selection was amazing. So then the owner had to bring one of hers out to show, black and white with just a pop of red. Well of course they asked where my show n tell was and  stunned them when I pulled out the phone and looked  up  this blog. I bought the most amazing fabric with vintage treadle sewing machines on it.  

Also did a trip to Humboldt, KS and stopped in at Heavenly Kneads and Threads. You guessed it, massages by appointments. After a day of shopping I could have used a massage. I didn't get a pic of that shop, there was just way to much going on to remember, but I did get a shot of the new soda fountain shop two doors down. Great sandwiches and salads. Oh and don't forget the milk shake! Look at that original tin ceiling. Had a great day and could have only been perfect if my windshield wouldn't have been broken. That's another story.                                                                        

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comfort Quilt

I have not been doing any piecing for myself, but I have managed this comfort quilt for co worker Becky who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This is Becky with her quilt. One day while she was at a Dr appointment we all, (ok most of us) dressed in purple and took a picture. We then added the picture to the quilt. We cut up white squares and purple strips and passed them out to those that could sew. They then signed the white area. Melissa made extra blocks for those that couldn't sew and they signed them. The owner of our company had some upholstery fabric made with our company logo, and donated some of that to use, so we fussy cut that out. Of course we put on the Serenity Prayer.  This all had to be done quickly for they started chemo treatments the next day. 3 gals came over to my house after work and in 4 hours we had this top. I quilted it the next night with minkie type fabric on the back. I have to say that was a real treat quilting over the upholstery and minkie together. Maybe it was just the upholstery fabric but it was horrible to quilt. But it turned out great and her next day back at work we gave her the quilt, so her next chemo treatment she can keep us close. Linking this up to Richard and Tanya Quilts because I got somethign done this week. Yay

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday

Yay! and I have a done so I am linking up with Richard and Tanya for Link  A Finish Friday you can find the icon on the left side bar. You ask what is my finish. Well here it is.
Finished Blocks! I joined an online swap of buildings. Some didn't care what building and others wanted just a house. Now mind you the last one is a rocky open lot. Yep she stated an empty lot with a for sale sign  would do, so I did. I really had fun doing these even tho I think I might have stressed about doing something different for everyone. (yes I know the 2 churches are the same. No they are not one is facing the other way. That's my story and I am sticking to it) I love the outhouse, it might be my favorite and it is a freebie off the net you can find it here. I can't (but have to) wait to see what I get back from this swap. So there is my finish for this week. I did have a finish last week but didn't get it posted so I will give it to you this week.
 I pieced this for a co worker that had a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer. Co worker wanted something for comfort for her friend. This quilt was not on my UFO list or on any list to start but here it is started and finished. I simply call it Comfort. The back is a pink minkie type . I found this pattern by accident it is found  at Moda Bake Shop. I went looking a one of the Christmas patterns and saw this and fell in love. I made mine a different size than what the pattern called for. I am thinking I may have to make this one again but for me.
The back of the quilt shows the  pantograph  found here at MeadowLyon. I really love their pantos and no I am not affiliated with them just a happy customer. So that's it for now.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Thanks for stopping by! If your here from the festival you know what to do, but if you just happened here by chance, take a look at these first two post and enjoy my entries into the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Then follow this link to Amy's Blog she is the amazing host for this festival. So thanks Amy for all your hard work. There you will find links to all the different quilt shows. They are all broke down in separate groups to make things easier for you. 

This is my entry for The Two Color Group. My two colors Blue and Yellow. The name of this full size quilt is Yeller Til Ya Blue. This was my first Row by Row that I did via the Internet.  It is still my favorite. I treasure this quilt and use it often. 

It is machine quilted by me with a simple twist braid in the border.

 Look at the floral backing that I used. It is so different from the front. Sometimes I like to do that, just make them so opposite. That way you have two quilts in one.

Grab a towel (it's for the drool) and  check out all the different  categories and vote for your favorite. I know I have already spent hours checking them out and new ones are added all the time. (or at least until the 24th) . Thanks for stopping by.

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Wahoo time to go drool on some eye candy. Thanks Amy sew much for hosting this and wow thanks to those sponsors. For new ones out there Follow the link and you will find many many different quilt shows via the net. There are several different categories and each one has its' own link. And you can vote for your favorite. So after spending the day looking at all the lovely quilts on display I decided that I would join in. But what category. Well since we can enter two I picked out two that mean oh sew much to me, and they each could go in a couple categories, so I flipped a coin and my first entry is Spring Blooms and is entered into the
professionally quilted category.
This Triple Irish Chain was quilted by me, I own a Gammill Classic hand guided no stitch regulator. I sometimes feel so old school. lol. This quilt was a guild raffle quilt that I won!. How lucky can that be! I am so glad I bought the tickets. That is one thing about quilting for others, sometimes we put so much of ourselves in the quilts that it is sew sew hard to give them back never to be seen again.
The flowers and leaves were hand appliqued.

Something different in this Irish chain is the continuous green squares in the background pieces. I don't think I have ever seen a chain quite like this one. Oh once again I am so glad I bought those tickets!
Notice how all the leaves are just set at random! I really think it helps with the scappiness. Oh OH it could have went into 3 categories. Should I go back and flip again. Nope leave it where it is. I think I actually have all the links right. lol so I better just leave well enough alone.

Be sure to check out all the other categories here.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. I hope you enjoy the eye candy out there and be sure to pick your favorite and vote for it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I won I won

Yippee I won the 3 FQ's from previous post. I have received them and have them in bag committed to project already. Thanks Sharon for the give away. so happy, can you see me dancin'?
Had a Quilt Retreat this past weekend and I have to say OH SO MUCH FUN! Arrived on Thurs around noon and ate first thing. Sat up and sewed till late but got one top done. Fri got up and started second UFO to finish, with this one I had two rows to put together and then border and then \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\///\//\/\//\/\/\/(drum roll) 240 flying geese to make at 1½ x 3" Well in process Elsie turned me on to these cool templates bloc-loc
I had never seen or heard about them. BUT let me tell you, I made my 240 flying geese with the Quilt in A Day method sew fast sew easy till it came time to square up. Even with my little rotating mat the template slipped and I had to reline up I was ready to quit with only 50 or so done. But borrowed the bloc-loc template for the flying geese and had them all squared up by 1AM. Went shopping on SAT and bought two bloc-loc ruler, templates or whatever you want to call them. I shall call them wonderful. Nope I am not a spokesmen for them just giving my opinion. I want to post a pic of my completed tops but I am going to wait until I get them quilted. Not very nice am I?

 But instead I will let you gaze upon some other beauties I have had the pleasure to work on. This is Diane's Not for sure of the pattern name but I called it Candy Squares. The caramel color in the squares reminded me of just that caramel and I wanted to taste it! No Diane I did not lick your quilt I went out and bought me some Caramels thus the name. Now I am sure she calls this something else but it reminded me of caramels. The aqua has little flowers in it so I used a flower panto. Diane I want to applaud you on your borders they laid so flat and pretty!! Yay this is something most of us have a hard time with but you got it good on this one. Great job on a beautiful quilt
 Close up of the quilting
This is Janet's. I was so amazed that such a simple piece of fabric could make such a gorgeous quilt. I hated to give this one back it was so elegant. I used what I think is an elegant panto on it. Victorian Gingerbread from Meadowlyon. I am a member of their panto of the month club. I love their pantos. You will see in the next quilt some of their specialty pantos. When I received this panto I thought 'now just what will I use this on?" Ok now I know, anything it has fast become one of my favorites.
Close up of Victorian Gingerbread.
Here is another of Janet's. such a simple tree and so easy. It is found at Moda Bake Shop and a free pattern. I won a FQ bundle of flannel Christmas prints years ago and I think this is what they will become. Once again I use panto from Meadowlyon. But this one is called 12 Days of Christmas. Actually this is called a pictogram. this means it has no repeats in it and it is the 12 days of Christmas. first it says 12 Days of Christmas (I added that, it is not included in the picto panto) then the first row starts with the partridge in the pear tree and so on. How Judy can think of these and draw them out is beyond me but I am thankful that she can and she does.

Close up of the 12 Days of Christmas. I hope you can see the maids a milking and some swans swimming at the top.
The drummers drumming and lords a leaping I thought would never end. lol such detail and so intricate.

I own several of their pictograms and love em'. If you are a long armer go check them out and tell them I sent you. No they will not have a clue as to who I am or will I get anything from it, but who cares let them know that someone out there loves their stuff.

I even suggested something for a panto and Judy got right on it and guess what was in my next months panto of the month club? Yep just what I needed and asked for.

Well I have sewing to do to finish up  one of my own so I better get on with it. I want to post some of my own so bad but can't not til they are done. I have binding left to do on one and another is done just no pic of it yet so hang in there and you might get to see something of  mine again soon.  But till then here is another close up of  Janet's tree with the picto panto on it. See the five golden rings?  Bye for now and
Sew on