Sunday, May 12, 2013

I won I won

Yippee I won the 3 FQ's from previous post. I have received them and have them in bag committed to project already. Thanks Sharon for the give away. so happy, can you see me dancin'?
Had a Quilt Retreat this past weekend and I have to say OH SO MUCH FUN! Arrived on Thurs around noon and ate first thing. Sat up and sewed till late but got one top done. Fri got up and started second UFO to finish, with this one I had two rows to put together and then border and then \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\///\//\/\//\/\/\/(drum roll) 240 flying geese to make at 1½ x 3" Well in process Elsie turned me on to these cool templates bloc-loc
I had never seen or heard about them. BUT let me tell you, I made my 240 flying geese with the Quilt in A Day method sew fast sew easy till it came time to square up. Even with my little rotating mat the template slipped and I had to reline up I was ready to quit with only 50 or so done. But borrowed the bloc-loc template for the flying geese and had them all squared up by 1AM. Went shopping on SAT and bought two bloc-loc ruler, templates or whatever you want to call them. I shall call them wonderful. Nope I am not a spokesmen for them just giving my opinion. I want to post a pic of my completed tops but I am going to wait until I get them quilted. Not very nice am I?

 But instead I will let you gaze upon some other beauties I have had the pleasure to work on. This is Diane's Not for sure of the pattern name but I called it Candy Squares. The caramel color in the squares reminded me of just that caramel and I wanted to taste it! No Diane I did not lick your quilt I went out and bought me some Caramels thus the name. Now I am sure she calls this something else but it reminded me of caramels. The aqua has little flowers in it so I used a flower panto. Diane I want to applaud you on your borders they laid so flat and pretty!! Yay this is something most of us have a hard time with but you got it good on this one. Great job on a beautiful quilt
 Close up of the quilting
This is Janet's. I was so amazed that such a simple piece of fabric could make such a gorgeous quilt. I hated to give this one back it was so elegant. I used what I think is an elegant panto on it. Victorian Gingerbread from Meadowlyon. I am a member of their panto of the month club. I love their pantos. You will see in the next quilt some of their specialty pantos. When I received this panto I thought 'now just what will I use this on?" Ok now I know, anything it has fast become one of my favorites.
Close up of Victorian Gingerbread.
Here is another of Janet's. such a simple tree and so easy. It is found at Moda Bake Shop and a free pattern. I won a FQ bundle of flannel Christmas prints years ago and I think this is what they will become. Once again I use panto from Meadowlyon. But this one is called 12 Days of Christmas. Actually this is called a pictogram. this means it has no repeats in it and it is the 12 days of Christmas. first it says 12 Days of Christmas (I added that, it is not included in the picto panto) then the first row starts with the partridge in the pear tree and so on. How Judy can think of these and draw them out is beyond me but I am thankful that she can and she does.

Close up of the 12 Days of Christmas. I hope you can see the maids a milking and some swans swimming at the top.
The drummers drumming and lords a leaping I thought would never end. lol such detail and so intricate.

I own several of their pictograms and love em'. If you are a long armer go check them out and tell them I sent you. No they will not have a clue as to who I am or will I get anything from it, but who cares let them know that someone out there loves their stuff.

I even suggested something for a panto and Judy got right on it and guess what was in my next months panto of the month club? Yep just what I needed and asked for.

Well I have sewing to do to finish up  one of my own so I better get on with it. I want to post some of my own so bad but can't not til they are done. I have binding left to do on one and another is done just no pic of it yet so hang in there and you might get to see something of  mine again soon.  But till then here is another close up of  Janet's tree with the picto panto on it. See the five golden rings?  Bye for now and
Sew on                                                    

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