Sunday, May 15, 2016


Oh it's been so long just where do I start? Life has been so full of ups and downs and has kept me busy. First my  91 yr old father  diagnosed with dementia just became to much for my mom to manage and after much turmoil is now settled into a nursing facility.

I know it was rough for the siblings living there but it was rough being hundreds of miles away too. I took serveral trips back in hopes if relieving stress on those there. Don't know if it worked but with those trips it did give me chance to do some quilt shop hoping.
Fabric Merchant, Joplin, MO

Sew Natural, hmm I was out by Wichita, KS was this in Newton?

Lane 154,Webb City, Mo

And now one of my most favorite shops, this little place hides away off the Hiway of Exter MO. The owner is one of the nicest ladies ever. First time I went in we talked and she found out I was from Indiana, but originally from close to there. So the next year I walk in and she looks then exclaims "indiana". Ok now that is something to remember my face and where from. It says something of her personality. Stop in to PDubs if your ever in the Cassville/ Exter MO area.
So I finally got my Christmas present. The hubster got it special made to match the new kitchen cabinets. Wait I haven't told you about my new kitchen. Oh my I am so behind. We lived for months without a kitchen. Living in a home thats 150 yrs old, it needed some up grades.  After checking prices, I decided to design it myself. Custom cabinets. We love how it turned out. Thanks to Hilty Cabinets and James Baumgartner for all the work.The ladder is out of the hickory as the cabinets and is wider than a normal ladder. This way I can show off more of the quilts.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Eye Candy

Chickens Rule The Roost. A row x row Robin
I did with a retreat group. I sent the pattern along with pre cut beaks and waddles and their nests. But asked fellow rowers to use their scraps for other parts. The outside border is chicken wire. It turned so nice, or I think so.

Lighthouse from England mother did this one.

This is Jeri's, it's all out of Civil War Reproduction fabrics. Isn't it just beautiful.

I don't normally post just the top, but couldn't wait to show this one off. Bought the panel couple months ago on a shop hop. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out what I wanted to do with it and this last weekend at retreat was just the time to get it done.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Camera down

Ok so its just the battery and I live in the middle of no where and can't find a replacement. Lord you would think I would learn after awhile that there is always something happening to make my life a little more challenging, I know it has been awhile since posting but yes as I said I have been reading like a fool. I have found so many new authors, how did we all survive before these e-readers came along. They open up such a wonderful new world. I have some pics from my phone that I want to share but I haven't figured out how to put them to this post. I need to make them a post of their own. I get so confused on all this electronic stuff.
So I guess I close this one and start over