Sunday, September 3, 2017


A friend invited a few of us to her vacay home for a quilting retreat. It's on southern Indiana hills. With beautiful wildlife to interrupt my sewing. Working on this needle turn applique project. Once done I took hand quilting lessons/advice from the quilter doing this beautiful plus quilt. She's hand quilting it and i bought along a project just for hand quilting. 
It's so hard working on anything when nature is so close. I miss living out in the country. Town had some advantages but so does the country.
 So much fun. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Working a new way.

I'm in semi darkness. Like a fool I put feathers in a white light floral border. Finally remembered to turn off the light. I had them off on one side and for some reason couldn't figure out why I was crossing over my lines. But hey the inside looks good.out i hope it does. 
It's a Saturday sew day. I've finished some swap blocks and now I'm working on an internet row by row. Ok it really looks like I'm eating.  

Oh my I forgot to post this. It's months old. Is this an age thing?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cra cra crazy

Putting a binding on with the glue baste method. I have to tell you I've  glued my sticky  fingers to everything. Don't think I'll be doing it this way again. One good thing about the sticky fingers they stuck to my drink.
Trying to layout this cute little quilt, but I don't have my design wall up yet.  Heck I  can't even find the wall.  Changing rooms has really been a pain. I did make a major decision to get rid of two totes large totes of scraps.  

I'm just so sick of the overwhelming feeling when I look at all my stuff.  So I'm trying  to really get rid of some stuff. Not even sure if anyone even stops by here anymore but I'm  thinking I may just start posting some giveaways here. I mean magazines I've never opened.  Patterns out the wazoo. Yep if you're reading this stay tuned in will start going thru  patterns and such soon.