Sunday, May 7, 2017


It's late and I'm the last one up at retreat. Sometimes my best sewing is when I am all alone. When I got to a retreat I go to sew. I can sleep when I get home. And I usually do.I get home on sunday unpack the car and no nothing gets put away, and I plop yes plop in the recliner and then... I'm gone. Sometimes I don't unload my work case until the next retreat. Oh I try to be organized but sometimes life just doesn't go as planned. I have one of those large rollie suitcases and I leave it lying on my sewing room floor. When I come home from a retreat i take out all the finished projects and all the extra fabrics and any goodies I accumulated during the retreat. Then I can add new projects as I decide what I'm taking to the next retreat. This way I feel I am always ready. So ok it doesn't always work this way. I try. 
Binding.. I hate binding. This is for a commissioned quilt so I need to put the smile on and do it.

And then theres this one that I need to bind. Have I said Ihate binding.
Then I have this whole pile that is waiting for bindings. Have I told you I hate to bind.So I guess I better go bind.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cra cra crazy

Putting a binding on with the glue baste method. I have to tell you I've  glued my sticky  fingers to everything. Don't think I'll be doing it this way again. One good thing about the sticky fingers they stuck to my drink.
Trying to layout this cute little quilt, but I don't have my design wall up yet.  Heck I  can't even find the wall.  Changing rooms has really been a pain. I did make a major decision to get rid of two totes large totes of scraps.  

I'm just so sick of the overwhelming feeling when I look at all my stuff.  So I'm trying  to really get rid of some stuff. Not even sure if anyone even stops by here anymore but I'm  thinking I may just start posting some giveaways here. I mean magazines I've never opened.  Patterns out the wazoo. Yep if you're reading this stay tuned in will start going thru  patterns and such soon. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sew Sew Sewing along

making this from a kit. It's not something I would have picked out formyself. But a co worker has asked me to do this for her. An ailing Aunt had got this kit, which is dated 2002, to make for her or one of her daughters. So here I go.

look I have one fused and stitched.  Whoot whoot wish me luck only 11 large ones and 12 small ones to go.
All the single hearts done.
Been going though things and I found this box of scraps.After taking off the top layer of some poly cotton stuff, LOOK all original 30 fabrics. I got this box at an Estate auction maybe 6 or 7 yrs ago and it has just been sitting there taking up space. This auction was the estate of an 80 something widow. I know she didn't quilt, it was her mother that quilted. She had all these boxes of quilting stuff sitting in her garage and they had been there for years, since her mothers passing.  There are blades for a dresdan cut and triangles,, squares and diamonds all cut. Whoot whoot what a score. And I didn't even know I had it.