Tuesday, January 1, 2019


My last finish of 2018.  The Labryinth Walk  quilt.  I started this oh sew many years ago. 2012 this came out in  Quilt Magazine and my husband said  'Now thats a quilt! I like that"  In 2016 I finally bought some fabric for it. I mean if it's for the Hubster it has to be just right. 

I LOVE quilt retreats have I mentioned that. Well anyway I go to a few a year and I have finally learned that if I precut  I can just sit and sew and eat and laugh and sew and eat and laugh and sew. It really stems from having back problems and standing on the concrete at most of these rtreat places is not good for me. Seww anyway in OCT I retreat with my sisters in Joplin MOand decided it was time to get the Labryinth Walk done. So I pre cut had everything in seperate baggies and put a copy of the pattern in my retreat project bag. OH mistake mistake mistake! 

Retreat was going great and my work motto is do a couple UFO's and then I can start something new. I worked like a mad dog on Thursday finishing up a couple of things so I could get to this The Labryinth Walk. Block one came to a screeching halt!! You know you seem to think youre being smart saving space making copies of a magazine pattern BUT if you do, do it in color. I just copied mine and now I sat with this black n white pattern and it shows me a black square that should be a black/charcoal half square triangle. Now I have no clue which way the angle needs to be.  Luckily another retreater wa sthere and had her pattern. I was on her list to do. OH thank Heavens to Mary Anne. She works for  LQS and was making it for them and sat two tables over. With the ability to jump up and chack her pattern for the correct angles I got this together before I left Sunday morning.

It did sit in my to be quilted pile for almost a year and then in the waiting to be bound pile for 4 months. BUT it is done now. Yay me. I only have 5 quilts left in my to be bound pile. I won;t mention how many in my to be quilted pile. But all this keeps me out of the bars.

Talk about staying out of bars. we fixed a pitcher out of this and I had one. Whew I can tell I don't drink anynore.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


A friend invited a few of us to her vacay home for a quilting retreat. It's on southern Indiana hills. With beautiful wildlife to interrupt my sewing. Working on this needle turn applique project. Once done I took hand quilting lessons/advice from the quilter doing this beautiful plus quilt. She's hand quilting it and i bought along a project just for hand quilting. 
It's so hard working on anything when nature is so close. I miss living out in the country. Town had some advantages but so does the country.
 So much fun. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Working a new way.

I'm in semi darkness. Like a fool I put feathers in a white light floral border. Finally remembered to turn off the light. I had them off on one side and for some reason couldn't figure out why I was crossing over my lines. But hey the inside looks good.out i hope it does. 
It's a Saturday sew day. I've finished some swap blocks and now I'm working on an internet row by row. Ok it really looks like I'm eating.  

Oh my I forgot to post this. It's months old. Is this an age thing?