Sunday, September 3, 2017


A friend invited a few of us to her vacay home for a quilting retreat. It's on southern Indiana hills. With beautiful wildlife to interrupt my sewing. Working on this needle turn applique project. Once done I took hand quilting lessons/advice from the quilter doing this beautiful plus quilt. She's hand quilting it and i bought along a project just for hand quilting. 
It's so hard working on anything when nature is so close. I miss living out in the country. Town had some advantages but so does the country.
 So much fun. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Working a new way.

I'm in semi darkness. Like a fool I put feathers in a white light floral border. Finally remembered to turn off the light. I had them off on one side and for some reason couldn't figure out why I was crossing over my lines. But hey the inside looks good.out i hope it does. 
It's a Saturday sew day. I've finished some swap blocks and now I'm working on an internet row by row. Ok it really looks like I'm eating.  

Oh my I forgot to post this. It's months old. Is this an age thing?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cra cra crazy

Putting a binding on with the glue baste method. I have to tell you I've  glued my sticky  fingers to everything. Don't think I'll be doing it this way again. One good thing about the sticky fingers they stuck to my drink.
Trying to layout this cute little quilt, but I don't have my design wall up yet.  Heck I  can't even find the wall.  Changing rooms has really been a pain. I did make a major decision to get rid of two totes large totes of scraps.  

I'm just so sick of the overwhelming feeling when I look at all my stuff.  So I'm trying  to really get rid of some stuff. Not even sure if anyone even stops by here anymore but I'm  thinking I may just start posting some giveaways here. I mean magazines I've never opened.  Patterns out the wazoo. Yep if you're reading this stay tuned in will start going thru  patterns and such soon. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sew Sew Sewing along

making this from a kit. It's not something I would have picked out formyself. But a co worker has asked me to do this for her. An ailing Aunt had got this kit, which is dated 2002, to make for her or one of her daughters. So here I go.

look I have one fused and stitched.  Whoot whoot wish me luck only 11 large ones and 12 small ones to go.
All the single hearts done.
Been going though things and I found this box of scraps.After taking off the top layer of some poly cotton stuff, LOOK all original 30 fabrics. I got this box at an Estate auction maybe 6 or 7 yrs ago and it has just been sitting there taking up space. This auction was the estate of an 80 something widow. I know she didn't quilt, it was her mother that quilted. She had all these boxes of quilting stuff sitting in her garage and they had been there for years, since her mothers passing.  There are blades for a dresdan cut and triangles,, squares and diamonds all cut. Whoot whoot what a score. And I didn't even know I had it. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1st retreat of the year down

Well first retreat of the year is done, and it was a great time. I love retreats. So the first order of quilting was to do a top that was suppose to be done last fall.  but let me show outhis cute little table runner first. Have you seen this fabric. Already into stripes.  I threw the selvedge  away but I believe  it's called STRIP-R, so all I had  to do was make the vertical cuts and stitch it back up into this table runner.  what an easy way to make a bragello. I could see a bed quilt done like this and is it cheating?Who cares is was a breeze. 

So this is the challenge piece It should have been done last November, but I'm always late.  I wish I could get the beautiful purple to show as purple not black. At a retreat Igo to we swapped these black and white blocks. There was 20 of us and each person chose a block and made 20 of them then we swapped them and each of us ended up with 20 different blocks to make a sampler.I picked out this pretty limey green and this luscious purple to go with the black n white blocks. Im really pleased with how this turned out.

still not the right shade.Well maybe after it is quilted Ican hang it outside and it will look better.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Well I had a post

So let's just start this out with some eye candy

This is a quilt I started as a challenge with a sister. Many years ago sge wanted to do a Christmas challenge and we went to her favorite shop bucause it had it's Christmas fabric on sale. We both had to choose 6 maybe 7 or was 8 Half yard cuts and then make something out of it. I didn't want to do someone eles pattern so I came up with this. Ihad saw a pattern sometime before with a star in the center with some flying geese and loved it, so I came up with this. No flying geese but arrows.I used up just about every inch of the fabric too. Now many years later not even sure how many it is finally done. 

I'm packing up things to go to a retreat this next weekend and I am so excited. I love retreating. I can just put on the headphones and sew or I can sit and sew and talk with everyone. Just whatever mood I"m in.  I need to get a lot of things done. Last year I blogged about my dad being ill with dementia and he passed away this past fall and I want to make memory quilts out of his shirts.  The shirts are cut apart and cleaned and stacked in nice order just waiting on me. 
Here are some of them all stacked up and the pattern I want to do with some of them. The plain denim color is just a constant filler I bought. I have 5 siblings and want to make my mother one, so I will need a couple patterns. I also have the Dad/Father sayings on fabric if I want to use them. I am really thinking about it for mine. It's just been so hard to actually do these but I will I will.  I am hoping these gett into the bag to go to retreat but I"m trying to precut everything and not sure if I have time, but never fear another retreat in March. 

So do we know what show this is from? I'm a little obsessed, even tho I have only watched season One I have done 7 of the books on Audibile. so I bought all three panels and this is the first of the three that I'm working on. I really think that it is the one I want to keep for myself. Oh you know I really will keep all three of them. But if I could only keep one I think it would be this one. So have you figured out the show. Outlander on Starz. No I don't have Starz in fact we barely have anything. We found ourselves paying for hundrreds of channels and watching regular network majority of the time, so why? We got rid of the satillite and have that Roku thing and stream some TV but since I have a Kindle we have Amazon Prime and viola I found it there and purchased it. My husband says we aren't saving much if I am buying shows. And I say well at least what we are paying for we are watching, or at least I am.But I have a couple borders figured out on this panel so it is going to retreat.

So next is these beautiful black and white sampler blocks we swapped out at a local retreat. I was suppose to have these made into a top last NOV but didn't make it. But I swear I will have it done for our March retreat. I have chosen this luscious limey green and regal purple to go with  them. I will be a completed top when I get back from retreat next weekend. 
Have I shown you this one? Oh I just get so lost in what I have and havent't. I doubt it tho. Ijust recently finished it. Once again something that was started years ago. This uses the x block ruler template thing and I would link it but since on my tablet unsure how. After posting this I will work on that and then maybe this paragraph will make no sense. lol So I will stop this post now, I have a catchie on my fingernail driving me insane so I have to take care of it. I will be back after retreat to let you see what I did.Till then Sew On