Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1st retreat of the year down

Well first retreat of the year is done, and it was a great time. I love retreats. So the first order of quilting was to do a top that was suppose to be done last fall.  but let me show outhis cute little table runner first. Have you seen this fabric. Already into stripes.  I threw the selvedge  away but I believe  it's called STRIP-R, so all I had  to do was make the vertical cuts and stitch it back up into this table runner.  what an easy way to make a bragello. I could see a bed quilt done like this and is it cheating?Who cares is was a breeze. 

So this is the challenge piece It should have been done last November, but I'm always late.  I wish I could get the beautiful purple to show as purple not black. At a retreat Igo to we swapped these black and white blocks. There was 20 of us and each person chose a block and made 20 of them then we swapped them and each of us ended up with 20 different blocks to make a sampler.I picked out this pretty limey green and this luscious purple to go with the black n white blocks. Im really pleased with how this turned out.

still not the right shade.Well maybe after it is quilted Ican hang it outside and it will look better.

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