Saturday, December 18, 2010

Give Away CLOSED Let there be a winner and more voting??

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left me comments. So many nice comments I wanted to give everyone something, to bad I am not a rich woman, so I could do that but alas one winners name was drawn form the hat and it was... first I want to say if you are a quilter come back after the first of the year for a mystery. OK the winner...

cat song and she said  Wow, I love what you've made!
I really love photography and scrapbooking :)

CONGRATS, I will email you privately for info.
Her two favorite crafts are two that I have never tried! Hmm I do have a sister big into scrapbooking, but know nothing about photography.

While be-bopping around on this give away, I visited sites I hadn't been too in awhile. One of them Quilting Bloggers, check out the button on the side bar. they have online (I am going to call them) quilt shows and you vote for your favorite. I decided to enter my Christmas quilt call Christmas Log Cabin. Click on it and vote for it or for some one elses. Just go look and maybe next time you will enter something.

Once agian Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give Away Day

Sew Mama Sew is hosting a Give Away Day Mon the 13th. This just means that different blogs have signed up to give away a hand crafted gift to a lucky winner. This is my gift to one lucky person.

This is a hand knitted Beret embellished with three little flowers on the side, hand knitted gloves, and a crocheted collar. These are in a size small to medium women's. I know these are not of wool but now unsure exact brand of yarn. Yes I made these a couple years back for a gift then never gave them out. So now is a good time to gift them to some one else. The head is not included.
To enter just leave me a comment on what is your favorite craft. That's it, one comment per person and one entry per person. This goes on until the 17th, so go visit all the other give away participants.
So my favorite craft, knitting is my passion and quilting my love. I used to do stain glass work but when my hubby bought me my long arm quilting machine I promised to cut out some of the hobbies. Stain glass went along with beading/ jewelry making. Never got to serious about those so they were easy to give up. Stain glass was a little harder. I did sell all but one complete set of crochet hooks, so I can do any thing in that that I may want. My knitting needles still hold a dear place in my heart. Yes I love to knit, I love to quilt. I would hate to have to chose between them and hope I never have to.
So leave me a comment on your favorite craft.
Thanks for stopping by

Give Aways

Here are a couple give aways, I can't believe that  you have a chance at a Yo-Yo quilt in this give away. But a great gift for sure and such a fun way to win it. Christmas eve memories!!
Then Janet has Honey Buns up for grabs. OH OH I want one.
The don't forget tomorrow is Give Away Day I am joining in on this one and will be posting later tonight my items that I will be giving away. Please come back and check it out and then you can skip right on over to the next blog in the give away and sign up their for a chance at theirs. It should abe a great time

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Auction quilt, giveaway day

My family is having their family Christmas this next Sat (18th) due to my brother who lives in FL will be home at the parents home in MO. I can  not make it home for this I have to work! Ugh! For years we had a gift exchange of sorts, you know you bring a present draw a number then hope for the best and hope that no one steals yours after you get it. Well with the population explosion we have to rent a place to be together so to raise the money for this, and the eating utensils and such, we started a family auction. Even tho I can not make it home for the gathering I sent a quilt down for the auction. I posted a pic of this a couple posts ago but I re posting it now done!

This quilt came about from a two different Internet swaps. The first one was probably in 2005 and it was a black and white block swap. When I made my blocks I must have made 8 blocks only for I had 10 blocks and two of them where ones I had made, so I must have only swapped out eight. Don't know why I didn't do very many I love the black and white color combo. But I had them for years and did nothing with them. Then couple years ago I did a row x row and one of the rowers used some swapped blocks for her starter. Ah Ha that is what I wanted to do to rid myself of some blocks! So the next row x row that I joined in that was swappers choice, that is what I did. These were 12" blocks and I used my two and 3 others for the starter row.My starter row is the third on up from the bottom and my two blocks are the two on the right. I know you can't really see them but I thought I would tell you anyway. There were only 5 participants but I didn't care I had another five blocks to make a sixth row. It is the bottom row. So now I have all my black and white swapped blocks used up!  I do know that one other rower used her black and white swapped blocks too. I was lucky she didn't have any of the same blocks I did. I quilted this with a variegated black and white thread in zebra stripes to match the borders. I also used the zebra fabric on the back and binding. I am hoping that this quilt is bought by my sister who lives in Parsons KS, for her family has a pair of real zebras and she is crazy about anything zebra print.

I am joining in on Sew Mama Sews' give away day. I tried to put her button on the side bar but for some reason it just put the link. Well you know sometimes things just don't turn out like you plan. I do have my handcrafted item picked out and it something I have knitted. Hand knitting is my passion and quilting my love. Or is it visa versa. Any one I am usually do one or the other. Knitting has taken a back sit recently for quilting, well when you quilt for others sometimes it has to come first. But come back tomorrow or Monday to check it out! Maybe you will win it or someone elses.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Give Away Day

Oh Oh I just found something I think will be really fun. A Give away day. The jest of it I pick something handcrafted or supplies for such and post on MON 13 about it. Then one lucky person will win it. I have picked out my item a hand ...................................just in time for winter. Here is more info from Sew, Mama, Sew on the giveaway day. I hope to see you joining in.