Monday, September 22, 2014

Camera down

Ok so its just the battery and I live in the middle of no where and can't find a replacement. Lord you would think I would learn after awhile that there is always something happening to make my life a little more challenging, I know it has been awhile since posting but yes as I said I have been reading like a fool. I have found so many new authors, how did we all survive before these e-readers came along. They open up such a wonderful new world. I have some pics from my phone that I want to share but I haven't figured out how to put them to this post. I need to make them a post of their own. I get so confused on all this electronic stuff.
So I guess I close this one and start over

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Staying busy

Just thought I should show you some eye candy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I've taken up reading again...

I broke down and got one of those darn e-readers. lol. My sisters have had one for years and I just kept dragging my feet in getting one. But then I started listening to books on CD form at work and the thoughts of an e reader started bouncing around in my head. So then the search was on Nook vs Kindle. Well I went with the Kindle Fire HD. Of course since I have ther reader I have to read right. Well I found this author J.S. Scott and really liked her writing. I fell in love with the characters in The Billionaire's Obsession, Simon's story. So now another  book is coming out in a couple days and I can't wait. It's erotic romance done in a tasteful manner.  I have tried to read other erotic romance but it was sleazy so J.S.'s approach is refreshing. So if you liked to join the mailing list follow the link  hereif your facebook is linked to your twitter please use #BillionaireUndone @islandlovelies. If you want to pre order do that here

Now for some eye candy.This is a table topper I made for a challenge that was to use nothing but triangles. It was fun making the pattern but yet challenging enough to keep my ADD mind interested.

Just quilting

Well I am so behind in posting quilts I don't know which ones I have shown and which ones I haven't. So here I go posting some. I hope these are some you haven't seen.

This is Cynthia's a nice simple pattern but it makes such a beautiful quilt. She made this for a friend that is going thru chemo.Unfortunate situation but a wonderful gift.
 This next quilt belongs to Delores. I see a cross in those Log Cabin Blocks. I didn't see it as I quilted it but once hanging it sure jumps out at me. Delores has been teaching her grand daughter how to quilt and this is their collaborative effort. They sure made a nice quilt.

This beauty is Jeans. She stated she wanted something custom in the snowballs but not necessarily anything to fancy. Hmm. So I went with the simple and this is how it turned out. I did double ovals with a flower in the center and just X'd the four patches. I like the simple little design in centers. Different and that was what I was going for,


 This belongs to Kathryn and is from a pattern called Farm Scraps (I believe). I really really really like this pattern and wish I had it.

Maggie's Dark Stormy Night

Roses red white challenge


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shop Hopping in Southwest Missouri

This past weekend I made a quick trip back home to SW MO. My dad had surgery so as a break for my mom I took (oh really my sister drove) my mom on a mini shop hop. My goal is to go to at least 2 new (to me) quilt shops a year. I have been to one already but I went to 2 this weekend so already this year I have now been to 3 new (to me) quilt shops. This first shop The Quilted Garden is in Aurora, MO and wow what a great little shop. Selection, selection and such nice ladies in the shop. 
Here's the goodies I ended up with. And no I have no plans for any of it. Just  had to have it.

This next shop sits out in the country between Cassville and Exeter MO. No shop sign as of yet but it is called P-Dubs. Now can you see that wall of fat quarters and it just went on and on and around the corner. and all color coordinated too. I was so amazed at this wall I had a hard time picking anything out. I had 4 or 5 different scenarios picked out this saw this one print and my heart stopped and I had to have it all. Nope have no clue what I am going to do with it but.......

Pam owns this shop and is probably the friendliest person I have met. Sure wish this shop was close to me. This wall of fat quarters is only part of what it really is. I would say only a fourth of it is showing. 
Don't you just love the pink splotchy print. Well I do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Staying busy

It only seems like yesterday that I posted on here and it has been months. MONTHS where has time gone. I know I have been to two quilting retreats and heading home this weekend. So guess I better get off my duff and catch this thing up but where do I start. the death of a dear family member, no too sad, the fact I couldn't even set any type of goal for 2014, no sad too. I need something happy. OH happy days I bought a Kindle and have been reading and reading and reading. Now I just have to figure out how to balance a day job, a husband and then the long arm job, and now reading. Just when am I to piece, to knit. Too much to think about, I think I'll rest for now. Catch ya tomorrow

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Last Finishes of 2013

I know I am running behind but here are the last of my finishes for last year.

 This is a Challenge quilt I call, Friendship Flowers. The challenge was we all traded and swapped Navy fabric. We then were given the friendship Star and Jacob Ladder Block, we had to use each of the blocks and some of the Navy. You could add any other color and other blocks if you wanted. This is what I came up with.

 This is a quilt from 2010/11. It started as a row x row. I was wanting a chain type quilt and was going to join this row x row so decided it would be nice to combine the two. I got on my EQ and designed this one up. After this came back home I added a row to the bottom then another to the side so it would be bigger. I call this What To Call It. Usually when I quilt one up a name will come to me if it has spoken to me yet, but nothing ever came to me for a name. Some day I will get this pattern out on here. Finding time is hard. Between working full time and part tine, husband and house I stay busy and of course have to be lazy some.

This is Scrappy Blooms, of course this is From Four to Nine Block or disappearing 4-patch block. Maybe it has a few other names I know the original block name is something else but since we now make it this magical way I don't even know that name either. I did club demos on this so this was one of the samples I had. I was out of the background fabric and still wanted it bigger so I added the applique border. Even tho the background is different I am hoping that you don't really see that but look at the stunning applique work. LOL This my first attempt of adding applique without a pattern to let me know where to put it. And boy did I learn. I could go on for days on the mistakes I made figuring this out but instead I'll just say don't get to close, but I think I covered up the learning curves.

This is Veggie Whirls a 4-Patch Stack n Whack. I have to say that this is probably the easiest way to learn the method of Stack n Whack. The 4-patch is so much easier than the Hexie kaleidoscope. Not knowing  much about the method I just pulled out some old fabric from the 70's. It was some cool looking fabric and I couldn't resist.  I Love the way it turned out and have other stack n whack fabrics in mind.