Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shop Hopping in Southwest Missouri

This past weekend I made a quick trip back home to SW MO. My dad had surgery so as a break for my mom I took (oh really my sister drove) my mom on a mini shop hop. My goal is to go to at least 2 new (to me) quilt shops a year. I have been to one already but I went to 2 this weekend so already this year I have now been to 3 new (to me) quilt shops. This first shop The Quilted Garden is in Aurora, MO and wow what a great little shop. Selection, selection and such nice ladies in the shop. 
Here's the goodies I ended up with. And no I have no plans for any of it. Just  had to have it.

This next shop sits out in the country between Cassville and Exeter MO. No shop sign as of yet but it is called P-Dubs. Now can you see that wall of fat quarters and it just went on and on and around the corner. and all color coordinated too. I was so amazed at this wall I had a hard time picking anything out. I had 4 or 5 different scenarios picked out this saw this one print and my heart stopped and I had to have it all. Nope have no clue what I am going to do with it but.......

Pam owns this shop and is probably the friendliest person I have met. Sure wish this shop was close to me. This wall of fat quarters is only part of what it really is. I would say only a fourth of it is showing. 
Don't you just love the pink splotchy print. Well I do!

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  1. Hi Susan,
    what a pleasure it was to meet you, your sister and Mom. I'm so glad you all visited our little shop in the country! come back when you're back in our neck of the woods!

    Pam (P-Dub)


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