Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh I forgot a Give away

I found this Give away and it sure is a great one. I spent alot of time wandering the pages of her blog so be prepared to for some nice eye candy

Catchin' Up

With everything goin' on I have fallen behind on my quilting and my posting. Guess I will try to catch up.

This is ReJena's Ribbon Quilt. A couple of us did this at a retreat last fall. Mine is at the bottom of this post.. But I want to show her back. She chose a plain muslin and just a simple panto. Great quilt!

This turned out beautiful. Now I have to make another one of this pattern for me. I mean when you get to mine you will see why I have to do another one.

This is Deb's. She didn't care what went on it! Oh I love that, freedom to create what the quilt tells me. And this quilt toalked. I have had some quilts that I just couldn't figure out what to put on them. Not this one, I knew instantly how I wanted this one.

Beautiful Blocks aren't they? so simple yet so majestic! (simple as in two color!Piecing wise Woohooo)

This is Christine's T-shirt quilt for her son. These are his college shirts and she promised this quilt to him 4 years ago. She had made one other T-Shirt quilt and tied it so she thought this one was so late that she would get it quilted as a special, I 'm sorry so late. I love quilting T-Shirt quilts, looking at all the different shirts and their sayings. In fact I have another one sitting here to do. Oh I wonder what lovely shirts I will find on it.

Ok this is my Ribbon Quilt. I call it Dem Bones. 5 maybe 6 years ago I made quilts for all the kids. Ok all but my youngest son. I just couldn't figure out what to do for him. The step daughter loves animal prints so that was an easy one. My oldest son loves and collects dragons, and wolf  stuff. So a dragon quilt was in order for him. The step son was graduating so I made him a memory album quilt. But Nathan, oh my Nathan, into really nothing, likes wearing dark shirts with those skull transfers on them. One day a few years after I had the other ones done I spotted this skull and cross bone fabric. Got some of it but now what. It took me a couple of years to find the bones fabric and then what pattern. This is it. At this point Nathan doesn't really ever think that I will finish this so I am sure he will love it not matter what. Ane hey he just got his own place and has moved out so I need to get this done and surprise hime with it. here is the back (Yes the sun is shining through)
  I found this skull and crossbone panto and just love it. I really hope this quilt isn't to girlie for the boy (Man he is 27)

This is Simple Girl, I call it Simple Girl cuz it is a simple block made by stackin the deck method and the pretty girlie colors just call out. Thus Simple Girl. I loved playing on this top.  I love feathers and I got to practice the circle feather wreath. I did a new meander in the center (new for me, I had never done  one like this before).  I just loved creating the quilting.                     

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well today I have to go say my goodbyes to Maria. Maria was my friend that we found out just 8 weeks ago that she had cancer. She fought hard and brave, but God wanted her. Makes you realize just how precious each day is.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Give away

Another great give away.  Great blog too. Sue Hauser of Alderwood quilts. Inspiring! Sometimes I spend way to much time on here.  I am getting way more ideas than I will ever have time for.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Last weekend I went to a retreat just a couple of miles away. That makes it nice in case I forget something. Like my toothbrush, hairbrush and all other toiletries. Yes I packed in a hurry. Woke up Sat morning ate breakfast and ran home fast, if I would have been many miles away I don't know what I would have done. I think some times I think faster than I can move. Kinda like my typing. I only get every third sentence typed that I think. The retreat was great as usual. I got some sewing done. I spent alot of time just gawking at what others were working on in jealousy.  I put the borders on this Row x Row. I am not sure what I thought it was going to turn out like when I started this RR but it will be a great quilt for the one son that loves black and white. That is if I can part with it.Then I worked on this scrappy top I have been doing for years now. I call it Hidden Stars.

I don't have a pattern for this just making it up as I go along. I have decided it would have been better if... So I might go and change it but then why, it is just another quilt to use. It is not like I make show quilts, so who cares if the colors are a little confusing. So I guess I will plug along on it and if it turns out to look like something then I will look like a genius and if it doesn't then it was never suppose to.

This top is called Paisley Sherbert. I did it off some mystery. It really looks more pink than orange. I had lots of comments on this one, 'I would have never thought to put those colors together. where did you get that idea'  Red, Pink and Orange. Well the red Paisley fabric was from the 60's?. It was 36" wide and I bought it in a box of fabric at an estate auction. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The Paisley has pink and orange in it so I just went with it.  I even have a pillowcase to match it.  Now I just have to get them quilted. I still have 3 from the last retreat that I bordered yet to quilt.                      

This is my second Row x Row for my club. I did two robins so we could keep the groups even. I had seen this one a couple years back when I did it on a Row x Row for someone else. I knew then that I wanted to do one.I have to get this one bordered yet. Not for sure how to do it. I was thinking maybe frame it out with some dark Navy then add small white border then maybe scrappy either color blocks or piano keys?  Any suggestions?

This is one of my first selvage projects. I had to do a demo at my local club and I decided that it would be on Selvages. I made a potholder and gave it away as the door prize. I made a few flying geese to show right and wrong ways to put selvages together. (overlapping and such)  Then I made these two projects. The wallhanging will be a bed top someday. I decided since I was using a part that we have always just thrown away that I would use more fabric that most just throw away. So I dug out the poly cotton blend and used it. I have a wide variety of colors of poly cotton blend and have decided that I am going to make one of these stars out of every color I have, then join them together, to make a full size top. So yes now I have another UFO
The purse I made in one afternoon, I just wanted to show them that you could do anything. After visiting Karen's blog my small samplings seem like a drop in the bucket. But boy these gals where in awe. I told them to go to Karens and there they would see Awesome. This purse pattern is from 1946. I really don't see how anyone could sew anything back then. The pattern was horribley (I know there is no such word is there) written. Line with Cheese cloth add stiffner. What the heck is that? Well the picture looked like the boning we have now. I used batting and that was a mistake, the sides should have 3 pleats but too thick. But it does stand on its own tho. The stiffner went around the top, so the zipper would stay receded. I am guessing! But it is usable and I have had a lot of remarks on this one!

Ok this is a Row by Row off the internet group, it belongs to Nancy. This is a stunner. I sure hated to pass this one on. I am going to keep this pattern in mind for my next row x row.