Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Catchin' Up

With everything goin' on I have fallen behind on my quilting and my posting. Guess I will try to catch up.

This is ReJena's Ribbon Quilt. A couple of us did this at a retreat last fall. Mine is at the bottom of this post.. But I want to show her back. She chose a plain muslin and just a simple panto. Great quilt!

This turned out beautiful. Now I have to make another one of this pattern for me. I mean when you get to mine you will see why I have to do another one.

This is Deb's. She didn't care what went on it! Oh I love that, freedom to create what the quilt tells me. And this quilt toalked. I have had some quilts that I just couldn't figure out what to put on them. Not this one, I knew instantly how I wanted this one.

Beautiful Blocks aren't they? so simple yet so majestic! (simple as in two color!Piecing wise Woohooo)

This is Christine's T-shirt quilt for her son. These are his college shirts and she promised this quilt to him 4 years ago. She had made one other T-Shirt quilt and tied it so she thought this one was so late that she would get it quilted as a special, I 'm sorry so late. I love quilting T-Shirt quilts, looking at all the different shirts and their sayings. In fact I have another one sitting here to do. Oh I wonder what lovely shirts I will find on it.

Ok this is my Ribbon Quilt. I call it Dem Bones. 5 maybe 6 years ago I made quilts for all the kids. Ok all but my youngest son. I just couldn't figure out what to do for him. The step daughter loves animal prints so that was an easy one. My oldest son loves and collects dragons, and wolf  stuff. So a dragon quilt was in order for him. The step son was graduating so I made him a memory album quilt. But Nathan, oh my Nathan, into really nothing, likes wearing dark shirts with those skull transfers on them. One day a few years after I had the other ones done I spotted this skull and cross bone fabric. Got some of it but now what. It took me a couple of years to find the bones fabric and then what pattern. This is it. At this point Nathan doesn't really ever think that I will finish this so I am sure he will love it not matter what. Ane hey he just got his own place and has moved out so I need to get this done and surprise hime with it. here is the back (Yes the sun is shining through)
  I found this skull and crossbone panto and just love it. I really hope this quilt isn't to girlie for the boy (Man he is 27)

This is Simple Girl, I call it Simple Girl cuz it is a simple block made by stackin the deck method and the pretty girlie colors just call out. Thus Simple Girl. I loved playing on this top.  I love feathers and I got to practice the circle feather wreath. I did a new meander in the center (new for me, I had never done  one like this before).  I just loved creating the quilting.                     

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  1. WOW I just LOVE ReJena's quilt...shes a genius!!


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