Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time has flown by with my eyes wide shut!

I can't believe that it is the 22. I last blogged on the ......9th. I knew I probably wouldn't make every day but I thought for sure I could do atleast 2 or 3 times a week. Well boy was I wrong. But I have been working.

This is Rejena's. She loves this pattern and has done it on another quilt or two. Can't you see why!Such a striking quilt for such a simple design. This was her first works with Homespuns and I have to say she did great with them. I now know when I need assistance with those stretchy Homespuns who I can turn to. Once again Rejena great job.
This next quilt is Melissa M's , her and I bartered for this quilting. She had a bunch of old Feed Sacks and I have long arm. Well you now know who owns some of those feed sacks don't you.  She is making  a series of quilts of the 4 seasons. These hang in the entry room of her home. She has Summer hanging still, so this is her Fall. I hope she gets it bound in time. Or I guess I hope she has Winter started.   

Well now I just need to find the rest of my photos. hmmmm wonder where I put them

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 8 of blogtoberfest

Whewre has time went. One day it was day 4 and I was going to post pics the next day and now here it is day 8 and I am just getting back to my blog. All I can say is working working working. Day job is going great guns and with Christmas coming the quilting is steady and in demand. So Yes my only excuse is I am staying busy. So here is a couple I have done.
This is Arletta's. It was so big that I couldn't hang it outside so I just grab a shot in the house.this is the first one I have done for her so I hope she likes it, She had other quilts done by someone else and wanted me to do the sam thing as they had. Uh Oh ! Gotta do what some one else did, I hope I understand what she wants right. Well then she had and emergency and her hubby picked it up so I may really never know if it was really what she wanted or not. But from what I could understand by her explaination it was just meandering hearts. So I did just my basic meandering hearts. But no matter Arletta what a lovely quilt.

This is another of Margie's. Margie is more than just a great quilter she is a great friend. I love getting her quilts they are all so different. If you don't rememeber I did a whole post of nothing but hers sometime last month. You can find it here. so just add another to that show. She was a little skeptical on this one. She thought the borders may be to big and struggled for months on quilt it or take it apart. I am so glad that she had it quilted. Even tho it is slightly off it still looks wonderful and after she washes it no on will know. Heck I doubt if many would know now.  This quilt is made from her late Mother In Laws left over scraps and I believe maybe some clothing. So yes the fabrics are questionable in todays standards but the meaning of this quilt out weighs any of that other stuff. Margie I know your Hubby or one of the kids will love having this quilt made from Mom or Grandma's things. And to top it all off it is a wonderful design and beautiful quilt. So pretty!! Another job well done Margie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Blog Blogging away, Days 3 oops and 4

Yep Day three just slipped right away. I mean I woke up and it was day 4. Does that mean I did nothing or does that mean I was so busy that I didn't have time. I am going with the latter. That is my story and I am sticking to it.  I got 2 customer quilts done but have not downloaded a pic of either so you will have to wait. You know I was telling you about the shop hop I went on,,, well I won one of the smaller gifts. Yeehaawww. I have only ever won one other time so it is cause for celebration. Whooott WWhoooottt Toot Toot. Happy Dance Happy Dance. I am going out to buy lottery tickets tomorrow. I mean my luck has changed I won the FQ's from Linda last month and now this. I went and picked up my winnings and got a small bat of Dream Blend and pattern book and some Christmas fabric. Yep feeling pretty happy about it. I also have started knitting a pair of socks for a friend of mine. We are bartering services. She is a wonderful fantastic artist. As in painter. So she is going to paint my sign out front for wool winter socks. Yippee! I love to knit. Yep I will have to get a pic of them too. But right now that darn camera is so stubborn. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Hmm sounds like the owner. Ok pics tomorrow I promise!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day2

Well I have been having trouble with my camera but I managed to get a pic of the quilt I did for Ruby.
I have never done a whole cloth panel so this was something new. I love trying new things. I sure didn't want to put to much one here and Ruby wanted it double layered with batting so it was puffy. I had some glow in the dark thread that I wanted to do the outlining of Jesus in but I think it was too old, it wouldn't run at all. It broke before I could take a stitch. So I pitched it and went back to normal thread. I think it turned out great ans she seemed to love it. As a quilter sometimes you get nervous when the customer comes to pick up their quilt, you just don't know how they will react. I mean just because I like it doesn't mean they will. But she seemed pleased and ohhhed and ahhhed with a smile on her face. I am thinking that doing a panel wasn't so bad.
Well my birthday was Friday, did I mention that? see the age thing is creeping in. Well any how my hubby sent me this cute balloon to work.
The gals at work thought it sounded like me too. So my new favorite phase (apparently I say it all the time anyway) is whatever.

Well it was a good day for football, my beloved KC Chiefs finally won this year. Wahoo go Chiefs. If only Carl Edwards would have won the NASCAR race it would have been a perfect day.
Well I have to finish another quilt so I better get er done.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another year gone as another month gone

Small blog Hopping going ons, I did spend sometime checking out new blogs. You know some people seem to have a lot more blog sense than me. I can't figure most of this out. I want buttons to go to different pages but no I can't manage that. But any way I getting way off track but then not really when you read this next part.Also for my going ons in SEP , I really haven't kept track but I posted the going ons in the previous posts. And you know what I need some instructions on how to make those collage pics that so many do. but check out the button on the sidebar for the small blog hop or the fresh sewing day. It is really a great way to meet other bloggers.

Well Well Well, yesterday was birthday so I am another year older. Hmm I don't feel older I feel younger. Ok OK I know I am lying now. The hubby took me out for a steak dinner and then home where I spent time looking through some quilting books. Yep you can tell not much on my mind. I went on a Shop Hop today. Yea. I said I wasn't going to but then I thought go for it. Take the day for me. My journey was for black and white FQ's and I did well. Only veered off the path a few times. Once for a new bolt of red of Bella solids from Moda. I think I got heck of a deal. $57.00 for 16 yards. Then again veered off at a sale table that had some solid Tan for $5.00 a yard got 5 yards, should make a nice back for some quilt. Also got a yard of tree, leaf type for my son and grandsons hunting quilt. Not sure what to do with it but for $5.00 yard I know I can throw it in somewhere. so the third time I veered it was for again some sale fabric a nice beige for $5.00 got 5 yds of it too. Then the 4th and last time I went down the wrong road was for just 2 half yard cuts of  yellows. They were just $2.00 each and it seems I am always needing a yellow for something. So 9 shops and I only went down the wrong road 4 times. I really didn't think that it was too bad. Now I managed to acquire 14 new black and white FQ's. I think I have what I need now for what I want to do. I would show you a pic of my new yummies but the camera doesn't want to work for me. Yes it has been acting up so I think a new one is on the short list. But I have managed to get a couple pics of things I have been doing so here goes.....
This was on my machine for the last FNSI and I did get it done and it was hanging for the contest. This belongs to Diane M and her ability to pick out colors is superb. I would have like to keep this one I love the lime and blue combo. OK I know what am I talking about I want to keep all the quilts that come through my door. But yes I really liked this one. I liked how she chose to use the same background fabric as the sashing,making it look like all the blocks are floating.  Great job once again Diane!

So this next quilt is mine.

I did this top as a mystery for a retreat in 2008. When I did it I just pulled from what I had enough of and boy howdy did I ever pull out some weird ones. The aqua is of some really cheap 70's fabric. But since it was just for a sample I thought why not. Then the burnt orange came from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I knew the two colors didn't go together but since it was for a sample I didn't care. So for the past three years I have been trying to quilt this. I would start something then have to take it off the machine and it sat for a year or so. Put it back on and think OH I don't like that but this is too cheap of fabric I can't rip it out. Take it back off and let it sit for another year or so. Finally I got it all done all in all I think I had this on my machine at least 8 times and off it 7. So I know the curves aren't the same and swirls are different but Oh well it will be going on my bed for me to use and I know it help keep hubby and I warm and that is all that matters. I thought about giving it to Joplin tornado victim but I just can't give em that cheap fabric. Well even with all of it's ups (were there any) and it's downs I love this quilt. I call it Odd Couple since these are two colors that normally aren't together.

So I also have decided to join Blogtoberfest just another way to meet other bloggers. Use this link or the button on the side bar.

Well I have to finish one for a customer that is going out the door tomorrow so I best be getting to it.