Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quilt Show

I have quilted quite a few quilts for Margie and I know I did some of them before I started blogging so I thought I would treat you to what I want to call Margie's quilt show. This is fun just showing everything one gal has done. Oh I do know that she has more but this is just the ones I have easy acess to. The others may just be on film. I hope you enjoy this small cyber quilt show. Some I know the name for and others I don't  or just not for sure but either way they are still wonderful to see. Great job Margie, as always I look forward to the next one. Thanks for your return business and the friendship we have made.

As Time goes By

Just for Fun

 October Fanfare

Ramblin Rose

Starry Night

Twilight Flurries

Moody BluesDeep spaceChristmasTime
Rainbow Fandango                                                           


  1. Love seeing pics of quilt shows. Thx for sharing! :) Thanks for visiting me and for your comments. Here is a link for the hexie paper templates..
    There are diff sizes that you can print out. :)


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