Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In and...

Well this post was suppose to be yesterday but I got so busy. Life has been busy the past couple weeks or should I say strange and confrontational. I will get to that later but here is the FNSI doings.
These are crazy Birds. I did a swap on internet group and was talking with my sister about them. She thought they were cute so she decided she wanted to swap some of them too. Well then she got our mother roped into it too. So I am making more of them to go with the ones I swapped via internet. Oh goodie I should have a nice wall hanging when done.

When I got bored of the birds and grass I worked on this quilt. It is a customer quilt and has to been finished this weekend. I believe the pattern name is tangled and the designer was around here recently and even signed this top. This next weekend is a shop hop and LQS is sponsoring a contest with all the Tangled quilts. I gotta get this done so she can bind it and have it at the shop Thursday.
This is my design wall and it has plenty of projects on it. The one I worked on FNSI was the applique border. I worked on the right one it is in by my chair in the living room, so when I watch TV I can work on it. I looks like the one on the left. I have over half of it done, I am using the needle turn applique method. No I am not to good but practice make better right.
So that is what I worked on for the FNSI

Well you remember a couple posts back I won a give away. Well here are the yummy FQ's

I won these from Linda I really really love the top pink and brown one. I have been making and swapping pink and brown  6" blocks for years. I mean years. I laid them out once and decided I needed around 22 more blocks to do what I wanted. I can see the top 3 of these fabrics being in that quilt top now. So guess what I got those and put them in sight. So now I may actually work on them soon.

Now to tell you everything that has went on here the last couple of weeks. As you know the ankle problem well it must be better I am starting to walk to work again. YAY ! Well anyway... The hubby decided to change from DishNetwork to Direct TV and take the unlimited long distance off our phone since we both have cell phones. So one day I come home from work and we can no longer call out on our phone just receive calls. Ok no problemo we have cell phones. Labor day weekend the Direct Tv goes out. No it is not storming, yes it all plugged in. Sorry but we can't get any one there till Thursday. OMG now no TV and your Sorry. Not near as sorry as I am. I mean what am I going to do. I still can't stand that much and I have the sewing machine tore apart cleaning it.  I spent alot of time cleaning out the machine and I did manage to quilt some.And of course went blog hopping. Like I said every day the ankles are getting better but still not 100%. So now on Tues I go off to work and come home to no phone at all and no internet. NOW what. Well it seems when embarq saw that we took off our long distance someone there thought we cancelled our services. NO we still wanted stand alone internet. So now it was a very quiet day, I needed to let Linda know that the FQ's arrived and  the hostess of the Crazy Bird swap that mine arrived. I think by this time we had an antenna so we could at least watch the basic channels on one TV in the house.  Sewing machine is back together and I am quilting a little bit. Then I get the call from ex daughter in law could I keep the kids for the weekend. My son well lets just say I don't blame her for not wanting the kids there. So talk about exhausting and head spinning. I am not, absolutely not used to kids being around. Took them to the Healing Field. 

This is a place to Honor, Respect, Reflect upon those that have given their life for our country. It is also a Memorial for all those that perished in the 9/11 tragedy. Had a World Trade Center Museum with bits  and pieces from there. Very moving.
 Come Mon I think I felt a relief when I had to go to work. After work I came home and fell fast asleep in the chair, woke up with a stiff neck. I am hoping that things are calmed down now and I can get one with my boring ole life. So now that catches you up on the short version of my life. Aren't you glad I gave you the short version?


  1. Wow you got a lot done for FNSI! I love the Birds/grass, those look fun to make! I hope you were able to finish the customer quilt that needed to be finished over the weekend.

  2. I love those "Crazy" birds!
    I love blogging and meeting new people. I'm so inspired by everyone around me. I found you at Lily's!

  3. I like those Crazy Birds! Fit right in at your house!!!! lol Glad the ankles are getting better. Really sorry you have had to go through all that(but the drinks were mighty tasty!) I'm really liking the present I bought you for your b-day and just cause day! May decide to keep it for myself. (no not really) Take care

  4. popping over from Lily's SBM and pleased to meet you! Loving that bird! Following now! x


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