Saturday, September 3, 2011

I won something! Little Forrest Quilt Along and Small Blog Meet

Wow,  I can't believe it but I won a give away at Linda's. I think I better go buy me a lottery ticket. Or maybe it is too late since I was picked last Fri. Shucks I should have thought about the lottery ticket earlier. I am excited to get my yummy FQ's. The fun will be deciding what to do with them.......... Oh thanks for having the give away and thank you random generator for picking my number. Go on over and check out her blog. She is co hosting a Little Forrest Quilt Along.with Stephanie,from peas in a pod. I am doing this and I am also joining in a small blog meet and greet. Well that is not the official name but find the button on the left (small blog meet) or check it out here at Lily's quilts and check out some other small bloggers.  Since hurting both the ankles I haven't done any sewing. The month of July and Aug have been do only what I had to. I had a couple quilts that had to be quilted and they took me for ever. Only being able to stand for a few minutes at a time and being exhausted from HAVING to work the day job, I let my sewing and quilting get behind. The Orthopedic Dr was bit concerned with my ankles still swelling 7 weeks after falling so he put my in the sexy compression socks and braces on both. One week later now and I went to a one stop shop hop and spent 2 see that 2 hours on my feet. YAY I hope the recovery is a permanent one and not one that I have to wear these things forever. I wish I could show you a bunch of pictures of things I have done this past month but me eating while feet in the air would not be a pretty sight so continue on down to the next post for a virtual quilt show.


  1. Hey, I know what you mean about not getting much done. I hurt my upper back this month. I haven't been able to sew for 2 weeks. YUCK!!!!! I hope you are feeling better. I found you through Lily's. I invite you to come see me. Hugs --Sandie

  2. Hallo Susan,
    great to get to know you. I'm sorry about your ankles, but hey, with me it's my right arm making trouble. I also spend my spare time with my feet in the air and eating with only one hand! So you see; you're not alone :-)

  3. HI, thanks for commenting on my blog, am catching up on my blog hopping from the small blog meet up. Hope your recovery is going well. Love all the quilting from your post Quilt Show.

  4. Hi Susan it's nice to meet you. Sorry about your ankles sheesh that would be hard to get over and to get anything done also. Glad you are on the mend. Thanks foe introducing me to Lilys Quilts I'm going to head on over and check her out;)
    Valerie Moss
    Chestermere, Alberta, Canada


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