Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday night sew in and other

Well last month it took me almost the whole month to post the pic  (Last post) of what I worked on at the Friday Night Sew In so this month I am doing better. I worked on the Gammill. I wanted to get the quilt in the mail today so I needed to finish it.  then I over slept and by the time the pic was taken and the package fixed and addressed the PO was closed. They just don't stay open as long as they used too. I thought noon but NOT so it will go out on MON.
This cute quilt belongs to Karen H. She wanted some custom work done on this one. Suns peeking out of the corners, I used some neon orange to do these. Then she wanted swirlies in the piano bars, stippling around the flip flops and waves in the log cabin borders. This was such a fun quilt to work on. It sure made me want to grab the bikini and head for the beach. Oh if I could only wear a bikini! I hope she likes it. After getting the flip flops done I worked on getting a purse ready for sewing today. You know finding the right pattern. I have the fabric in mind, but no clue as to how or what I wanted it to look like. And that was my Friday night Sew In. But earlier in the day I put the last touches on the Chemo headband. A couple of post ago I mentioned a friend that had just found out she was in Stage 4 cancer. After 3 weeks of  intense radiation on the 38 leisons  on her brain she is now in her 3rd week of Chemo.                
So I had to get her some chemo caps. Another friend of mine, makes these and she gave me the two on the left. The farthest left she gave me 3 of those in different color paths. I had hand knitted the beret and crocheted the floppy hat. So after work I went to her house and delivered the caps. It was really sad. Maria has always taken care of her mother and brother who are disabled and now the two of them are doing their best to take care of her. I wish I lived in the same town as her and had more time so I could help her more, but gave her my number and told her that if she needed something after 5pm and couldn't get anyone else call me. I drive up there to help.

So now where have I left off with my other quilting pics. Oh I know I still have one of Jeans to show.
So here it is. I believe this is a pansy pattern of some sort. I know I have seen this somewhere. But then I could be wrong. I have been wrong before and I am sure that I will be wrong again. Jean does a wonderful job on her quilts and I am honored to have worked on them.
I have worked on the internet row by row but for some reason I didn't download the pic so I will  get to that one later. Sorry Nancy for not showing it, right yet.

Ok now this is my problem. I love my junk room and I love having a room I can just throw anything into but yes it is getting (no it has gotten) out of hand. AND I need to have this room as a bedroom in 2 months. My parnets who live in SW Missouri are coming to visit. I have 2 extra bedrooms upstairs but at 86 and 81 I don't think they need to climbing up and down my steep narrow stair case. So that leaves this room to become their bedroom. When we bought this house, I told my hubby that one room a year remodeled was good enough for me. This year it is this room but I have to do it fast. It has that awful dropped ceiling panels and I think they will have to stay for now. I will be happy just to get my stash put away neatly. Most of these boxes hold fabric (all different types) or yarn. I love to make purses so I collect weird fabrics for them and the dresser hutch and boxes right infront of it are stashed full of this type of fabrics. The computer of the left was to be for my embroidery machine but I haven't the room to move the machine in there. (OK so now would be a good time to get that done). The ott light box holds an old knitting machine. I know the box in front of it holds denim. That short little dresser in the back has this cute little cutting board that swings out. I say it is little but it is really the width of the dresser and I had gotten this so I could sit beside it when I paper pieced so I would have the cutting board and mini iron right there. But once again I hadn't gotten to it. Once again maybe just maybe I (no I have to no maybe's about it) Well anyway Jun 10th this room must be a nice bedroom for my parents. Keep you posted on this one.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Give Away and everything else

Found this great give away she hand dyes laces. Just another one of those things I have thought about doing but never have. I even bought dyes, laces and such. Well now maybe I will win hers and I wouldn't have to do my own. Check it out!

This is the row I made for Becky's Row xRow. I have been in two rows at club and now they are over. Yeah I have two tops minus the borders. I will have to get pics of them soon to post on here. Becky had put in all the fabrics and since I was the last person to get it I had some very small scraps to choose from. And some great yardage too. I wanted to include a little of all her fabrics so my row would fit in any where. Well it would have to be every other row for she had requested that the straight up in down rail fence be in everyones row. Three one row Two the next. I can't wait to see how she borders it. This was the first time I did a RxR and we did not sew the rows together. It was really hard for me.  I had a hard time picking the blocks and colors not knowing where it was going to go in the quilt. I put everyones up on my design wall and spent days moving everyhting around and in a case or two just threw up my hands and did something. We all have to have them in a completed top stage by our May meeting, I will try to get pics of all them.
Here's a quilt that beloongs to Margie, she is a piecing demon. She picked this one up and dropped of 4 more. Guess the winter has been a little worse than usual to get that many done. When I first met Margie she was a one maybe two at a time top piece. But now she always has 4 or 5 things started now. She claims that I have been the 'bad' influence on her. We talk and search different quilts and the next thing you know she has one of them started. Yes I am jealous. No make that JEALOUS. She is so talented and has no fear of any pattern, with a stash to envy also. So neat not like my chaotic mess. I know I know I just need to apply myself more.

Here's another customer quilt. This one belongs to Jean. I absolutley love this quilt. She says it is not her color at all but she did it anyway. Well I love the brights and would take this quilt as my own in a second. (What quilt wouldn't I take)  I think that these are swapped blocks since some of them have signatures on them. Well Jean no matter what I think this is a beauty!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Busy

I have been busy,or shall I say lazy. Take your pick. I spent two weeks glued to the TV with the Olympics. I have so much respect for all the atheletes. It is such devotion and dedication to give up so much to persue that gold medal. Hats off to all of them. But while I was watching them I managed to work on some hand applique. I got it back out on the Friday night sew in and just stitched away. I have been so close to being done on this I could taste it but thenjust when I thought I was done I found I had skipped the cat on the middle row. This pattern is the Disappearing 9-patch. Looks different! I decided to put the four corners together and my first thought was to do some wonderful quilting in the blank spaces. Then I got to thinking that this would be a great time to practice my needle turn applique. I Still need lots more practice too. I have yet to embroider the noses and eyes on them but atleast I feel I have made some headway with it.
Here is the club quilt all put together. I still need to have it quilted by this Thursday. It turned out better than I thought or not what I thought. A friend came up with this idea of the gingham checked star sashing. She was going to put this one together while I put another one together, but as we all know things happen and I found myself doing them both. Each member of our club has made a block with everyone using a bit of the sashing fabric as a focus. When I first staarted this I thought it was way to busy. But when you stand back and look at it, it tells me that it is just one of those samplers. I hope everyone in club is pleased with it, whether or not I get it quilted could be another story.
This my row for Janets Row by row that we are doing at  club. She is doing a red white and blue them of each row being a different block. I chose the Spinner (Brave World) (It has other names too) block. I love the look of this block the way it moves. Blocks showing movement have been my favorite but I have to admit I am seeing the beauty in those blocks that form chains too.

These blocks are for a swap and the patter is called Trail to Treadleonia. This block is just one fourth of the Spinner block. Here is the same block but the small square is replaced with a 9-patch., I also made the large triangle corne into two pieces. These are very close to the same shade of burgandy. I had never even heard of the tradleonia's when I did this one. I had always loved the Spinner block (from Judy Hopkins, Around the Block book) and always thought that varying it would be cool. Here is another way to set the same block. This one is with the 9-patch corners too, but the large corner triangle is all one piece. this pile will make a cool scrappy one when everything is said and done.
I have more done but time is running short so till tomorrow. Sew On