Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Give Away and everything else

Found this great give away she hand dyes laces. Just another one of those things I have thought about doing but never have. I even bought dyes, laces and such. Well now maybe I will win hers and I wouldn't have to do my own. Check it out!

This is the row I made for Becky's Row xRow. I have been in two rows at club and now they are over. Yeah I have two tops minus the borders. I will have to get pics of them soon to post on here. Becky had put in all the fabrics and since I was the last person to get it I had some very small scraps to choose from. And some great yardage too. I wanted to include a little of all her fabrics so my row would fit in any where. Well it would have to be every other row for she had requested that the straight up in down rail fence be in everyones row. Three one row Two the next. I can't wait to see how she borders it. This was the first time I did a RxR and we did not sew the rows together. It was really hard for me.  I had a hard time picking the blocks and colors not knowing where it was going to go in the quilt. I put everyones up on my design wall and spent days moving everyhting around and in a case or two just threw up my hands and did something. We all have to have them in a completed top stage by our May meeting, I will try to get pics of all them.
Here's a quilt that beloongs to Margie, she is a piecing demon. She picked this one up and dropped of 4 more. Guess the winter has been a little worse than usual to get that many done. When I first met Margie she was a one maybe two at a time top piece. But now she always has 4 or 5 things started now. She claims that I have been the 'bad' influence on her. We talk and search different quilts and the next thing you know she has one of them started. Yes I am jealous. No make that JEALOUS. She is so talented and has no fear of any pattern, with a stash to envy also. So neat not like my chaotic mess. I know I know I just need to apply myself more.

Here's another customer quilt. This one belongs to Jean. I absolutley love this quilt. She says it is not her color at all but she did it anyway. Well I love the brights and would take this quilt as my own in a second. (What quilt wouldn't I take)  I think that these are swapped blocks since some of them have signatures on them. Well Jean no matter what I think this is a beauty!

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