Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Last Finishes of 2013

I know I am running behind but here are the last of my finishes for last year.

 This is a Challenge quilt I call, Friendship Flowers. The challenge was we all traded and swapped Navy fabric. We then were given the friendship Star and Jacob Ladder Block, we had to use each of the blocks and some of the Navy. You could add any other color and other blocks if you wanted. This is what I came up with.

 This is a quilt from 2010/11. It started as a row x row. I was wanting a chain type quilt and was going to join this row x row so decided it would be nice to combine the two. I got on my EQ and designed this one up. After this came back home I added a row to the bottom then another to the side so it would be bigger. I call this What To Call It. Usually when I quilt one up a name will come to me if it has spoken to me yet, but nothing ever came to me for a name. Some day I will get this pattern out on here. Finding time is hard. Between working full time and part tine, husband and house I stay busy and of course have to be lazy some.

This is Scrappy Blooms, of course this is From Four to Nine Block or disappearing 4-patch block. Maybe it has a few other names I know the original block name is something else but since we now make it this magical way I don't even know that name either. I did club demos on this so this was one of the samples I had. I was out of the background fabric and still wanted it bigger so I added the applique border. Even tho the background is different I am hoping that you don't really see that but look at the stunning applique work. LOL This my first attempt of adding applique without a pattern to let me know where to put it. And boy did I learn. I could go on for days on the mistakes I made figuring this out but instead I'll just say don't get to close, but I think I covered up the learning curves.

This is Veggie Whirls a 4-Patch Stack n Whack. I have to say that this is probably the easiest way to learn the method of Stack n Whack. The 4-patch is so much easier than the Hexie kaleidoscope. Not knowing  much about the method I just pulled out some old fabric from the 70's. It was some cool looking fabric and I couldn't resist.  I Love the way it turned out and have other stack n whack fabrics in mind.

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