Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life's a Happening

So it has been months since I have been on here. I stay really busy with day to day workings. Nine hours a day on the day job makes me tired. Then I try to get some quilting done. Posting on here has taken a back back seat for a couple, one is we lost our Internet service. We have our land line phone thru the Internet too and the modem for this went kaapluwie. It was so nice not hearing any ringing, not having any tele charity calls. Since we don't give out the cell phone numbers (I don't know why, I have unlimited everything) it was quiet. It probably took us near a week just to figure out we different have service then we had a bad storm come thru and knocked out cell service. Right before Internet went out I find out that all my USB ports are bad. Why I don't know. But I can't plug anything in and be recognized, I guess maybe that is why it took so long to figure it out that I had no service,just wasn't interested in being on knowing that computer was getting ready to take a dump, and this laptop! I have this laptop and it has a mind of it's own. The cursor is crazy. I can  be typing away and then the next thing I know my typing will just start somewhere else in the middle of a sentence way off from where I was. Very frustrating! So it has forced me to use the laptop so I can download pics.
For weeks now Hubby and I have been traveling back n forth to hospital to see his dad. It's been one thing after another and I can see the wear on the hubby. Then thoughts are how much can an 88 yr old take. So emotional draining.
But lets face it you don't come here to read about my crazy problems you really want to see some eye candy.
 This is Karen O.'s. While doing this I called it "Taking Flight" Of course I have no clue as to the real name but that is just what I called it. Such a pretty quilt and it was made for her Grand daughter. Lucky little girl!
This is a close up of Marilyn's quilt. This little baby quilt was hand embroidered 37 yrs ago. It was made for Marilyn's daughter by Marilyn's mother. But was never finished. Marilyn came to me and said she like to get this quilted like her mother wanted it done. Uh OH she was going to hand quilt it. She also stated that she had it marked out to hand quilt and she had individual blocks marked out. OK I can do that, if it's marked out I can do it. So sure!!!NOT she had washed the marking out, so I was on my own. Now I had to try to figure out what a woman would have done by hand 37 yrs ago and the what her daughter thought she would have done.  
 So here it is. I stressed over this little thing for weeks. I was so worried I wouldn't do what it deserved. I knew I had to please the owner or she would have felt I ruined her Moms quilt and that would irreplaceable. This top a one of a kind had to be done just right. Oh How I worried. But when she picked it up she gave me a hug. I think she liked and I did ok. Whewwwwwwww
This is a close up of a baby blanket by Rejena. She made two of these for twin baby girls. The panto used on this one is her favorite called "Bottoms Up"a Nicole Webb design.
And here is the full quilt. Isn't it so cute. And two of them. Such pretty quilts. Great job!
And here is another by Rejena. This is all out of Fairy Frost but the white background. This is the first quilt she started but hated it so it has taken her years to get back to it. Hey anyone else know this feeling. I still haven't finished the first one I started. When she gave this one to me to do she said 'make me love it.' Make me love it well that is no pressure. So each block has it's own individual quilting. I loved it when it was done and I think she did too, she still talks to me so she didn't hate it. lol
This is a close up of another of Rejena's quilts. She made this one for a friend out of his ties. He was a coach and most all of his ties had a sports theme to them. I used a panto from Meadowlyon. The panto has football soccer baseball basketball and volleyball represented.
 And here is the front of the quilt. Strings that's a lot of cutting of ties. OH MY. It turned out to be a beautiful quilt. I know how much time she put in on this and it was worth every minute she did.

It would be nice if I would post some pics of the ones of mine I finished, guess I need to get some pics of them. I have completed a couple of them. But it's time to get off here for now.

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  1. These are lovely quilts, but I think you have done a fab job on the hand stitching!! Hope Hubby's dad is improving : )


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