Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Something Done

Got a few things to catch up so lets go back  WAY back to July. My local quilt club has it's annual quilt show, so I tried really hard to get  a few of my things done.  I had 6 quilts finished, that's the whole total for last year so yay , and then finishing one in August for the new grand baby I am way ahead. I have not started anything new this year other than the comfort quilts for co workers. It has been hard not starting something I am a starter, as you can see with all my UFO's on the side bar. Just as I say I have not started anything I am telling you a lie. Way back in early July we had a family reunion and the sisters wanted to do a Jelly Roll Race. I have to admit I didn't want to do this for I think they are boring quilts to look at. But when a big sis wants something you do it RIGHT. So I got my done first and tucked it away helping the others as needed. A high school classmate posted a couple of her jelly roll tops and I loved them and had to think long and hard on this. WHY?? I decided maybe if mine just had some borders it would be better. So I bought borders yesterday for it. BUT that is the only thing I have started this year without it being a comfort quilt to be finished and given away. Proud me but bored me.  So with the completion of my quilts I had a nice showing in the quilt show, nothing to win with but DONE quilts just the same.                                       

A friend Jeannie asked me to quilt her quilt well of course I'll do it and just so happens I have seen just the design too. Cardinals panto form my favorite panto maker  Judy of Meadowlyon. Her quilt was a row by row that she wanted to do but didn't. She was so afraid that she wouldn't measure up or she would get something really crappie. Yes that is a chance but so far I have gotten good to really nice and wonderful back. So far I have not been un happy with anything I have gotten back. So she picked out a pattern block that I had done on an earlier quilt the Split Nine Patch. But she decided not to make the small 6" blocks not the normal 12" like I did called Scrappy Diamond Plates. Hers was stunning she asked each rower to fussy cut something for the center most did a cardinal like her but going to a retreat with her she stated someone used other Christmas type things. So with a bunch of fabric on the dump table and knowing there was Christmas fabric on there and knowing I was on her row list, I asked her if there was anything there that would work. She picked out a cute fabric that had some dear and rabbits and quail all in Christmas attire. 

 So here is a couple pictures of her quilt and the quilting. She supplied the light background fabric. In these pictures it looks white but is really a beige color and I believe it is fairy frost. Yes it has a bit of shimmery shine. The red border fabric has metallic gold. So most people tried to fins another red with metallic gold in it. She asked that no one sew their rows together, that way she could arrange them the way she thought looked best. Her bestie friend was in rower group and she replaced the center block with a paper pieced cardinal. So in putting this top together the cardinal was set in the center thus crating this stunning quilt. The cardinal panto worked beautifully on this quilt. The outside green print border is of cardinal quilting also. So with all this said she struggled with whether or not to enter it into the quilt show. The show is just a viewers choice no judging but she still struggled with whether it was good enough or not. But she entered it and it showed spectacular, so spectacular, it won best in machine quilting and BEST of SHOW. Whoot whoot to know that I helped with it.
Here it is before the binding. Not the best pic but there it is. I did the top row. That center cardinal really sets it off. But to get to the best part, Jeannie calls me one day and asks if I can meet her up at the quilt shop. She then tells me and shows me she won as part of her Best Machine Quilt award a $25.00 gift certificate from this shop and she wanted me to have half. Wow most of the the time the quilter doesn't even know how the quilt does but for the owner to want to share the prize with the quilter was a first for me. I argued but knowing Jeannie I have argued with other things and they became a contest in one upping till someone gives up. So I knew that arguing was a moot point. It so happened that it was a Tuesday and the quilt shop has Fat Quarter Tuesday, 3 F4's for $5.00 . I picked out 6 F4's and told her no more or we would be back to playing our one up game. then I sent her a thank you card. Love that Lady she is special. She claims she still owes me but I told her NO and to quit thinking about it.

This  Kathy's quilt. We went on a retreat a couple of years ago that Bonnie Hunter was the guest. She did two classes there and this was one of them. No I have not finished wither of mine yet. Yes I will someday and seeing Kathys' makes me think I need to get mine out. This one I quilted with paisleys. Kathy loves paisleys so I had to put them on the quilt.

This is Carol S's. Her grand daughter picked out the fabrics and the setting is divine.
This is quilted with Riverflow from once again Meadowlyon. Yes I love Meadowlyon pantos. Love this quilt and love the colors Carol great job.

This is a true charm quilt and belongs to Anita H. Local club did a charm swap (no I did not participate). Their goal was to have them done for our quilt show in August. (I belong to two clubs so two quilt shows)  They could do any patch they wanted. Anita chose the thimble or sometimes called tumbler. I love how she color coordinated the angled rows. Such a charming quilt. Ha ha me made a funny.

And this is Jeans Charm quilt. She also did the charm swap and she used triangles. She cut her charms in half on diagonal and made two quilts. This one was random set. I love the scrappy love love love scrappy and this one is it.

This is Harriet's sampler. Isn't is lovely . (do you hear the Stevie Wonder music playing). Isn't is beautiful. I really like this and the blocks a wonderful. Wish I would have done this one. I'm sure it was a BOM at the local quilt shop.

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