Sunday, April 14, 2013

Give away found

Head over to Chester County Criswel for a fat quarter give away. I'm always in need of new fabric. lol
Spent the day sewing on some blocks, taking pictures and catching up on emails. Whew what a day.
So these next few quilts are mine. This first one is called Quiltress.  It just looks to be regal so it needed a regal name. I bought the pattern and the ruler from the quilt shop in Joplin MO. the year before it blew away in that horrible tornado they had. I am so glad I talked Brenda into selling me the pattern (it was her last ans she wanted to keep it) I had so much fun with it. The border was trail and no error. I made one of the rectangles as the pattern called for and then said oh heck lets just slice it here. I got those wonky little diamonds and I think it worked out just great.

And a pic of the quilting of Quiltress
Here are the leftovers from Quiltress so I named this wall hanging Leftovers. Very creative name I know. Since I used nothing but lite diamonds for Quiltress I had all the purple ones left. This wall hanging will go in our bedroom once it has completed the quilt show circuit this summer. LOL I belong to two clubs so it will be in their shows. A big circuit!
Here is a close up of the quilting on Leftovers.

And this is Moo Cows, for my Hubby. The pattern is called Shuffled 9-patch and it something I saw at a show and thought I can do that. So I came home and figured it out. I have heard that some one else has a pattern but is different in the aspect that in mine you chain sew everything together instead of cutting and then mixing them up. Chain sewing is so much easier I think, I can't loose pieces that way.

Back of Moo Cows, showing a horse pulling a cart. I did a whole Barnyard scene on this one. Yes there are cows in here too. But just showing this on. The hubby really liked it but he too has to wait until the quilt show circuit is over. lol

Sew On.....

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  1. I love all those! You know I really like the farm scene one! would love to see it live! hint hint


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