Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This is going to shock you but........

two post within a week. What is going on? It must be the change of the weather. I walked to work this morning so it must be all the extra energy I am feeling. Or is it I have veggieated on the couch for months so it is time to get with it. I'll go with a combo of both maybe. I have been blogging for a couple years now and still have no real sense on how the templates and stuff work. I really would like to explore more but then that all takes time and do I really want to spend time on computer or sewing. Sewing!! Ok so no change for me. Thought for a brief second you might get an improved blog but nope you're stuck with this. So I found a couple pictures that I had lost. In the unzipped file of all places. *Note to self check what is highlighted before transferring camera pictures.
This is one of my quilts. All Sewn Up. This was started in 2005 or so. I asked a friend to host an online swap of sewing notions block. She asked what block and I said I didn't care. I knew she had great taste and have always loved everything she has done so I had no fear that what ever she chose would be great. Then she came out this this block and I hated it. I thought it was the most boring but I made lots of em and helped her swap them out. I moved and packed them away. But I never forgot about them. I collected more of the fabric and when I saw a bit in a customer quilt I asked about theirs. Most of the time I was given the 2 squares that I needed. So I finally got this out May of 2012 and made a few more while at a retreat, once back at home I stuck them all on my design wall. I just hated it. I turned them on point and things started to look up. I had them random and then decided to go with this (sort of) gradation of dark to light. I should have stepped back more but 'Oh well' it is mine and it is done!!!!and I have to say my friend wonderful block! It made a beauty of a quilt.

This beauty is Rose's T-Shirt quilt for a step grandson. I like how she mixed photos and T-shirts making this a true memory quilt. I am sure he will love it, I mean whats not to love when grand ma make you something. Great job Rose.

Still looking for some of the photos and have decided that it may be best just to retake them but once again *Note to self 'Pay attention'
Enough for now
Sew On

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  1. It did make a beauty of a quilt and I really like the bit of randomness in the gradation of dark to light. At any rate it's a very striking quilt.


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