Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comfort Quilt

I have not been doing any piecing for myself, but I have managed this comfort quilt for co worker Becky who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This is Becky with her quilt. One day while she was at a Dr appointment we all, (ok most of us) dressed in purple and took a picture. We then added the picture to the quilt. We cut up white squares and purple strips and passed them out to those that could sew. They then signed the white area. Melissa made extra blocks for those that couldn't sew and they signed them. The owner of our company had some upholstery fabric made with our company logo, and donated some of that to use, so we fussy cut that out. Of course we put on the Serenity Prayer.  This all had to be done quickly for they started chemo treatments the next day. 3 gals came over to my house after work and in 4 hours we had this top. I quilted it the next night with minkie type fabric on the back. I have to say that was a real treat quilting over the upholstery and minkie together. Maybe it was just the upholstery fabric but it was horrible to quilt. But it turned out great and her next day back at work we gave her the quilt, so her next chemo treatment she can keep us close. Linking this up to Richard and Tanya Quilts because I got somethign done this week. Yay

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  1. That is amazing! I can't believe you guys all pulled together and got it done so quickly!


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