Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OMG and rambling

I can't believe it. Connie's Pinwheels took first place in viewers choice for the 'smaller than bed size quilts' at the local quilt show. I am sure I saw much prettier lap quilts. I mean there was a 3D sampler and heavens there was an appliqued summer wall hanging. I guess it was simplicity they voted on this year. So now my two quilts show are over and I can now start on next years! Yay right. I've got ninety million projects already started and need to get a few of them done. Friends got me on facebook and it seems I spend my time playing games. Not even chatting with anyone there just playing games. I did find a few old classmates. Most of them male classmates and it seems they are not to friendly, guys are never really to talkative. Judy doesn't post much either so not spending much time with them either, but at least I can catch up on things if needed. Facebook you are not getting my precious time today so I am not going there today. I have to get some quilting done. I am in two row by row robins and need to finish them up. I have loads of clients quilts and need to get them done. I am going to the 'scrap retreat' in two weekends and need to get the scraps together for the workshops. Really sometimes I wonder why spend so much time on the puter when I have so many other things to do. Ok I am done I really just want to wahoo about the quilt winning viewers choice and got side tracked. So off for now, to go quilt, will post pics when done

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  1. Nice job Susan! and the win was well deserved!


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