Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Sew In Accomplishments

Well I partook of my first internet sew in. It was really just like most other nights here. Hubby goes to bed around 6pm cuz he has to get up at 1:30am to milk those cows, so I often sew anyway. Well last night my son brought over a movie but I told him nope gotta sew but I see this morning he did leave it for me to watch today. So I really did just sit and sew, and leaf through books, and fondle fabrics. Went to bed around 1am. I decided that I needed to work on Perry's quilt. I have never made him one, but have had it started for years. I do something I call a shuffled 9-patch, I think some people have said that they have seen it called crazy 9-patch. But anyhow I started this thing way back in 02 and have taught this class many times, and when I do I either make blocks for Perry's quilt or I have found this makes a wonderful soldier quilt. So any way I had 3 sets made in cow-i-fied theme and decided that another one was needed so I fondled fabric and sorted till I found some, made another set of these blocks.

First photo here is of all the blocks before squaring up. aren't they just wonderful. John Deere tractors, farm fields and cows cows cows. Yes the hubby likes his dairy cows. I hope it looks manly. I truly have a hard time thinking guyish. All the first blocks I had made had red plaid. I thought that it was looking to girlie so I then added just the plain blacks to these last two sets of blocks and I think that was a winner.

 Second photo here  is of the few rows I got squared up and sewn together. I had struggled with sashing or not to sash. I decided that I would go sashless. I had done one other top years ago sashless and I liked it but yet I have done every other one with sashing so I was torn. BUT I like it sashless adn I think the hubby will be very pleased. But then I do have to figure out borders yet so it could be awhile before he gets this anyway.

 In between doing this, it seems I can't keep my mind on one thing for  long, I quilted on a lovely red white and black top, see here I am quilting on it.

But anyhow this is what I did on the first Friday night sew in of the year.


  1. Hey Your Hubbys quilt. When you said you had fondled fabric...I had to laugh...I have been working in my fabric room...just trying to get it a little organized so I can find something...I found fabric I hadn't seen for a long time and yes...I had to set down and fondle you think there is something wrong with us>>>hahahah rose

  2. Both quilts look lovely... well actually the red white and black one looks stunning.. Friday night sew in was a lot of fun....
    Cath Ü

  3. Glad you had a good sew-in. The quilt for your husband does look masculine, no worries. I love the look of the red/black quilt you're working on, it has a Japanese look to it, any chance of a flat shot sometime please? Lis x

  4. Hubby quilt certainly wild. Hope he can nap under it.

  5. Definately looks "manly".... and that IS hard to do. Love the red quilt!

  6. Perry's quilt,,idea,, border in cow


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