Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heat and quilting

Ok so the furnace is sort of fixed. It is at least working right now but they can not guarantee how long it will work. We kind of knew this when we bought the house but.... we always want things to last longer than they really do. This house had been neglected so we knew that everything and I mean everything needed updated or new. Our plans are to put a gas fireplace in the living room, not only will it make it look nice it will help with the heating.

I am planning on going to another retreat and need to get my money in so I thought I better get another quilt done to help cover the cost. So here it is. 
 A beautiful little baby quilt. It belongs to Rejena and I have to say she does wonderful work. Her quilts lay so nice and flat. I sure wish I could get mine that square. I know she says it is her pressing, and claims to be the  pressing queen. It is more than her pressing it is eye for detail in her piecing. Nope I don't think I will ever be that detailed oreintated in my piecing. Can't wait Rejena to see what is next from you.

I have one of my own tops on the machine now. Great, just means when it is quilted I have binding to do. Not my favorite thing to do. I did go out and find these leather finger thimbles and I think once I get used to it I might like them. They come in a pack of three, and they are joined in the back with elastic so the thimble can fit on any size of finger. With that I am wearing one on the thumb and one on the middle finger to sew my bindings on. So far so good but it is slowwwwwwwwwwwww  learning. As you can tell I am not a hand quilter. I am doing a baby top with needle turn applique and yes I am using those leather thimbles for that too.  Maybe I will learn to love hand work. 

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