Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend doings

Boy oh boy, what a weekend. The youngest son calls hysterical, he had been stop by the police and they told him he was driving while suspended. They were threatening to tow the car but luckily they were not taking him in. He doesn't understand how, why or anything else  that deals with this. So needless to say my shy little boy has been pretty vocal these past couple of days. I know nothing from the BMV had come here since he has moved back home and that has been almost 2 years now. Drat it all he was going out this week to check out places of his own to move back out, but now with this unexpected turn of events, money could be a little tight for him to do that.
Sat. I had to work and my crazy employer starts work at 5am on Sat mornings so I spent a couple of hours Sat afternoon snoring on the couch, no it was in the chair. What a waste of a good sewing day. I didn't get started sewing until late Sat night and here are the two things I worked on. This first photo is of the club quilt that I (Have no clue as why) volunteered to put together. We were all given some of this black floral and told to make any block. Then there is a good 15 more yards of it. I still have 2 more rows to add to this but this is what I got done so far. I also have 12 blocks that were not quite the correct size, so I am going to make a second top for the club once I figure out how and what I want to do with them. Will keep you posted on that. I couldn't believe all the yellow in the blocks.I  used orange and green in my 2 blocks I made but look at all the yellow! I can count on one hand all the yellow fabric I have in my stash. So now you know what I think of yellow!
These two rows area row robin that I am doing on one of the groups I am on. They belong to Sharyn. I have always thought that this was to boring of a block for me. But I see now how wonderful it looks all put together that I may just have to make one for myself. She sent thangle papers for everyone to make the half square triangles. I had never done that befor so it was quite the learning experience. I have to say that I am not a very good student for I still had trouble with some of the triangles being off just ever so slightly. Guess I need to really stay on the line or just on the inside part of it. I did notice that I was sewing on the outside edge of the lines sometimes. So as I said in another post I need to be more detail orientated in my piecing. This is going to be a very striking quilt when it is all finished.                                                                                                                                          

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