Friday, January 22, 2010

Great thing my Grandson did. Project Night Night

Well for those that have been faithfully following you will remember that back last spring/summer my 10 yr old grandson Devon  finally finished the quilt that he had been working on for 3 or 4 years. He had won second place in people choice in the kids division and had the hopes of giving this quilt away to some little boy that had no home or anything else. Well two weeks ago his hometown had a monster fire in their downtown district. Two historical buildings were totally destroyed in this fire. Now of course the upstairs we rented out in apartments. My son, Devon's daddy, just happened to work with a guy that lived in one of the apartments, and he has a two yr old son. This little boy lost everything that was not in the diaper bag. So  this was Devons chance.  When he was told  the story of the little boy he said 'yes yes this little boy had to have his quilt. Cuz the quilts that gramdma (Me) makes for him makes him feel better so this little boy needs to feel better' I tear up everytime I think how did he get so generous,giving and heartfelt. As the story gets to me, when the little boy saw his quilt it was like Christmas morning for him, his eyes brightened for his favorite things of all were on this quilt,  tools like what daddy has and dinoseurs covered the back and there are his favorites. Appearently the little guy collected dinoseurs.

This is a reminder pic of Devon and his quilt!
Thank you Devon for being a great kid!
I am so proud of him for being so thoughtful!
I just don't know of too many 10 yr olds that 
really want to give to others.

Now all this got me to thinking there must be thousand of kids out there in the same situation, and I hope that they have a Devon out there to cheer them up. I found this sight and it seems like a great thing. If you have been looking for a charity cause check them out.  Project Night Night provides a sense of security for homeless child.

Ok break time up I have other things to tell you but I have to get the quilt done and need to back to it before it gets to late.

So till tomorrow


  1. Devon had done a wonderful job. The quilt is beautiful!! Thank you. :)

    Kendra Robins
    Founder and Executive Director
    Project Night Night


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