Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm still here

I know that you all thought I fell off the earth. Well not really, just seems that way, I have been real busy. I still have the Christmas photos to post and 3 row by rows that I have been doing. Two are close to being done and are ready to be passed on Thrus night at club meeting and the 3rd is a new start from an internet group. I went to a retreat this past weekend and tried to sew up a storm but get this it was so hot I could hardly work. Now mind you it was 15 outside but (it felt to me) like 100 inside. I found myself wondering the front rooms supervising layouts of blocks instead of in there sewing my own. Still had a great time and did get some things done. I wish I would have brought hand stuff to do but oh well hind sight.....

Here are some quilts that ReJena has made. She does wonderful work!!

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  1. Hot Flashes, don't you just hate them. I havn't ever been on a retreat, they sound fun. What internet groups do you belong? Is it hard to get started on them? I don't enjoy the guild clubs, but maybe an internet group would be better. The Mariners Compass posted on your page, did you do that? Its beautiful. I'm toying with the idea of starting one. Enjoy your blog! Does any Amish belong to your "circle" of quilters?


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