Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sundays News and give aways

I had to watch football last night, the Colts of course, but I am secretly hoping that the Saints win the big dance. I had my hand applique there with me but...... I did none. Oh I love the look of it I just wish I could love doing it.
I have been working on Perry's quilt top and have decided that it will become the next Fridany night sew in item to work on again. I have borders to do yet. Top is pieced otherwise.  So I guess rest of the day will be on the gammill and the red, white and black. Yes I will post pic of it after I am done with it. But a short story on this top is: LQS was doing clothesline blocks. Giving you small amount of one fabric and they had coordinating fabrics you could buy. Make blocks and turn in and possible win all of them. This color scheme is the only one I did and I made 6 or 7 blocks. They had enough blocks turned it that two people won. Margie and ME. This is Margie's top out of yep (alot of) my blocks. Nope I haven't done anything with mine yet.

This is my grandson Kyler and yesterday was his 7th Birthday. His Uncle Nathan and I gave him money, then Uncle Nathan and Daddy took him shopping while the other two came back home with me. The skate board is what he wanted. Daddy and Uncle Nathan did talk him into the helmet and pads. Good thing for that. He has the skate boarder look down doesn't he. I hope he likes it and doesn't break to many bones on it.

I have been going through my comments and going to their blogs. Oh there is so many nice things out there! I found this  Cathron's giveaway she is so talented I am so jealous. Check her out and drool over it.

And here Sue is having a give away too.


  1. We gave our son a skateboard for his 8th birthday.
    Our son lost his two front teeth on his 8th birthday.
    Because of his skateboard. Good luck!

    PS same son is now 27 and same teeth are capped. He lost caps seven times before he became an adult and had to pay for them himself. He hasn't abused him since.

  2. Kyler looks well protected for skateboarding. Love the previous comment.... LOL
    Thank you for posting about my give away on your blog.....
    Cath Ü

  3. I've always cheered for the Colts until this game. Once they laid down on the Jets and didn't play, I lost respect for them. If I had gone to that game and paid all that money for a ticket just to watch my team give the game away, I'd been asking for money back. Anyway, was cheering the Saints on. Grandson is quite the skateboarder. Good luck to him! I've just finished a crazy 9-patch and now trying to figure out borders. I hate it when I don't plan out the entire quilt and now can't match anything for borders. Makes for another UFO.


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