Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I did at retreat

Well as you know I didn't do much,way to hot. But I did manage to get a few rows done and these are important rows I might add.  This is Melissa's row. She wanted African Masks and provided the background fabric. I am not a very good (Just haven't done it very often) fusible web appliquer (I know no such word) I wish I would have cut the eyes out bigger but I guess she (Melissa) can add bigger eyes if it bothers her.

This is my starter row for the row by row on the 4"group that  I am in. This is the color of my living room. For those that don't know it hubby and I bought an old run down should have been demolished house and have been remodeling. Can't wait to see what this will end up looking like.

This is Sheryl's rows I have them all laid out together. This is the first Row by row that I haven't sewn the rows together and I don't think I like it. I have a hard time deciding what to do not see the whole picture. My row is the second to the last. I put it there since 3 rows where of one background and 3 rows will be of the lighter background. I wanted to see how it would look and other than the first light row is sewn wrong (spools going wrong direction) I think it is going to be a great one. But I guess I am cheating here I had this all done before the retreat just wanted to show it to you.

This is the New Years Eve mystery that Ann (not for sure of last name) did for us on several groups. I wanted to do this fabric so badly and I knew I didn't have much of it so I just did a small top and then thought I would border it differently as to add more size. Well not being a very good eyeballer I ran out of the blue before I got the border done. So I am on the look out for this blue but of course I don't have a selvedge to go by. Ahhhhhhhhhh sometimes lifes little challenges just keep me going. I will find it or I will figues something else out. But I am not I repeat NOT ripping out the half square triangles.

I have club tonight and I have the lesson. Guess I better get and get it together.


  1. I like the way you bordered the NYE mystery by finishing the square. Hum, do I want to copy or ... too late, now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I put a border on already. Sad, I can't remember for sure and I'm visiting my daughter so can't run up to the studio to confirm. None-the-less your border looks great. Good luck finding your blue. Bonnie

  2. Your spool top had several spools in the 'wrong'. I would leave them all that way it adds interest and keeps one quessing what the pattern is. cw


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