Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sundays News

It's Super Bowl time. Go Saints! I picked the Saints the first of the season so even tho they are playing the colts I am sticking with them. It's halftime so I thought I would get some puter time in. While watching the game I am doing needle turn applique. I only have one and half more little animals to applique on and the baby quilt will be ready for quilting.

I do have my first finish of the year. It is a Christmas log cabin. The center 4" blocks were lottery blocks I won from a yahoo group. I won them in 2004, but I never knew what to do with them. In 2007 I joined a bag challenge off another group and then the top was made for me by a friend in this bag challenge. This top was made in 2007, so 2010 I will get to actually put it out on the bed for the Holiday. I was so happy to have the top made I rushed out and got the borders but then everything stopped. It got shuffled to the side and lost in the pile of UFO's. I finally got it back out NOV of 2008 and got those borders on but once again it sat. I wanted to do something special on the quilting. I thought feathers all in the red part of the logs. Nice big feathers scrolling from one side to the next but then what in the green. HMMMM so back to thinking. I had this cute panto of Jingle Bell with bow and holly leaves and I kept thinking somehow I needed to use it. So I ended up doing the panto in the center and a loopy in the gold border with meander in the green/red border and in the red outer border I did scroll feathers  to the center with a jingle bell with bow in the center. I really like how it turned out nice but not to fu fu but yet not to plain.

The son and his car and suspended license has been a riot. I couldn't feel to sorry for him for if he would have changed his address to where he is currently living none of this would have happened. But then that would have made sense. I hope he has learned something from all of this.

Well I guess it time to get the snacks ready for the second half.

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