Monday, February 15, 2010

Ok See How Horrible I was

My last post got me to thinking, 'How far have I come in my quilting?' So I went to searching for one of my earlier pieces. Most had been given away but I still had this one. This is one of my first quilts I quilted. When my machine was delivered I had  the normal show me how to do it and then he was off. I finished up on that piece and then I thought I want to do something, not practice. So I grabed off the pile of tops I had and went to town. This was probably done within the first two weeks of owning my machine. These were swapped Tulip blocks off of some yahoo group. Looks good from a distance. It looks good close up if you are not a quilter.

Look at those stitches. Small, medium, large and extra large. Can you tell I have no stitch regulator! And look at the overall quilt you can see where I clamped it. It bows out. Gosh I hope I still don't have those tell tell signs. And I sure hope that my stitch length has improved. Now that I have this quilt out, I think I am going to give this to a friend of mine that was just diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to her brain. She needs a comfort quilt and these spring tulips should bring some joy to her room. Yep this is going to Maria. She won't care about my ugly stitches. I think these flowers will be better off with her then packed away with me.  

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  1. This is a beautiful quilt (flaws and all) and I am sure your friend Maria will love it. I made a quilt for my mother while she was going through chemo (breast cancer). I wanted her to have something comforting to take with her during her multiple hospital stays.


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