Sunday, December 27, 2009

Got the last one of the year done

Here is one of my quilts. I taught a mystery at a retreat and this was it. This is one block and just one way of setting it. By twisting and turning the block you get other settings. I will post another one as I get it done. I plan to give this one out for a baby quilt. Who to not sure.

I hope everyones Christmas was bright and cheerie! We had a great time here. The grandkids came over on Christmas eve and we opened presents then. It is always so nice to see the kids with there honest faces and expressions. When Savananh opened the baby doll you would have thought it was her first baby doll ever. She shook with excitement. Devon loved his camo jacket and cried when he saw it. Kyler was just excited about all the remote cars he got and we spent the evening dodging the cars as he sped them past. Christmas day was very quiet with just the step son and father in law over. We had the left overs which was still a splendid meal in its self. Now it is time for piecing and trying to get all those small projects caught up before they are due out in the mail for swaps I joined. Today is football!! My beloved KC chiefs are on TV here and I get to see them play. They maybe a loosing team but they are still my team and will have them on while I piece away the day. So now off to the machine


  1. What a fun collection of fabrics and I love your quilting design too. happy new year, I look forward to seeing what you have to show in the coming months. cheryl

  2. Susan -- what a neat quilt. I like the way the quilting echos the swirl in your border. I'd love to see some of the other layouts if you have them. Bonnie


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