Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have a hard day at work and thought I would just do some rambling. We started the Biggest Looser at work and I am sure I will NOT win this competition. Normally my competitive nature kicks in but not this time. We went out to eat last night and had french fries. The real kind even had the skins still on them. Never frozen cut for your order. OMG thought I was in Heaven. Perry's knee has really been bothering him, I told him I would for-go my quick trip to my parents for the 4th if he needed to get the surgery done sooner, but good ole Perry said no go home and see the folks. I wish he could come with me but he doesn't have any time to get off, those darn cows just don't understand holidays or family business.
On the quilting side I have had one of my own quilts on the machine. I thought I would slide it in between some clients quilts BUT I decided to practice my cable borders and I have spent more time ripping out. I am ready to take it off and throw it in the trash. I am going to work on it tonight and if it is not done ...... Tomorrow I have to put on a clients quilt. We are doing a row robin with my local quilt club. We only have two groups and right out of the starting gate one lady can't do hers for 'life' reasons. She has been one that has wanted to do these type of things, so I feel bad for her but better for me. I took her spot in the group. So I am getting two tops out of this. We are allowing 2 months per row so really that equals one month per row for me. I'll keep you posted. Ok I better get to quilting, I know Bonnie would appreciate her quilt getting done.

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