Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's get started

I guess it is time I jump in here and get the blog wagon started. So many have told me I need to but it seems I never have time. Right now I am working on class samples for a demonstration that I am giving Thursday night. I have a beautiful quilt on my machine right now. I will post a pic of it when I take it off. The hubby has went off to bed and that leaves to myself, Oh boy a gal could get into a lot of trouble left on her own. But I just keep reminding myself of everythin I must get done. I promised a friend I would work up a mystery she wants to give. I read her instructions and I don't feel as tho I am going to be surprised with my finished quilt, so it is hard for me to get into the project. I love mystery quilts. I guess the next one I write up I sould share on here. Anyone for it. Can't promise when it would be, but will keep that in mind. Well I guess I better get the quilt off the machine and get the class samples done. Thursday is coming!


  1. Its about dang time you got a blog! Geesh! Now you can show off all that great quilting you do!

  2. Thanks Mary, figuring things out will take awhile though


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