Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabric Scraps in my Face

This is a wall hanging that I am going to teach at our next retreat. I call this Peek-a-Boo quilt as you go.

A clients Quilt. I taught a class in a March retreat and this is the quilt that Betty made. She gave it to me to quilt. I call the block shuffled 9-patch. I heard someone say that they saw this block or something like it from Fons and Porter, so who knows, I just know how I do it.

Tried out a new ruler here in the sashing!

I said I was giving demo at my local quilt club, so I rushed around here for the past few weeks making sure I had the tops done the blocks cut the method down, so I knew what I was talking about. Packed everything up and off I went. Early too Yeah! Meeting going on and I casually leaned over to the lady beside me and commented 'this better hurry, I have a long demo" She was taken back looked befuddled and stated Susan Lambert has the demo. Well duh next time I guess I should look at the last name in the book to see who is giving what. But not to worry I and I really do have it next month. So I am ready.
Well until next time

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  1. Can't wait to try out peek-a-boo quilts as you go!


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