Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hanger for quilts

Ok here is the hanger that DH made for me so I don't have to pester him anymore to hold them. This has Bonnie's quilt on it, she thinks this is an ugly quilt. It is hard to see but it is just wire strung across the porch posts with clips. The porch is high enough offt he ground that a large quilt will dangle and just (so far) barely reach the ground. I have a nice little step stool that I can just hang these up myself and now I don't need to bother DH.

Here is a close up. I think it is beautiful and if she doesn't like it then I will volunteer to take it off her hands. Pink and green is one of my favorite combinations. She said when she gave it to me to quilt that she hoped that I made it go 'wow'. I hope she likes the job I did. Of course I thought it was beautiful before the quilting.


  1. great quilt hanger idea! I feel the same way...never having someone to hold them LOL.
    hello from hot hot az.

  2. love the pink quilt very much, good idea about hanging it this way to take photoe`s,

    Take care
    Great blog


  3. Thanks Niki and Tracey. I can't believe I had to put some sort of idea into the hubby's head to make this hanging system. But once 'he' thought of it. I got what I wanted in a matter of hours. lol.thanks for stopping by and come back and see me.


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