Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a beautiful day to turn 50

That 's right I turned 50 today! Wahoo I feel like I am 25 so who cares what the number really is. He is a pic of the balloon the hubby got me. Close up of it, shows the truth (well I think so). The rose is another stoy and will get to it a little later. I started the day off with the hubby calling me to make sure I am up and ready for work. He wakes me up with 'good morning and happy birthday'. You would think that I could just jump up and go for it but.... just recently moved into my new bathroom and looking in the mirror I noticed those pesky chin hairs. So I had to find the tweezers and spent the morning plucking, next thing I know it is way past time to hit the pavement to go to work. So decided I better drive. Luckily I had made a salad for my lunch the night before so grab in go. I saw the B'day card laying there so grabed it too. Made it with 5 minutes to spare. The day seemed like all the rest till I got the balloon and with it my favorite candies the peanut butter bars form Atkinson's. Oh love em but sometimes are hard to find. Good hubby! He had given me his blessings to go on a shop hop over the weekend, spending what I wanted, so I knew that there would be no gift, I had already gotten it. That was great I sure love going on shop hops when the restrictions are lifted. But then they paged me again. So off to the front desk I go and what do I find.

This cute boot vase of flowers. My first thought was ..who.. what the.. duh... I slowly walk toward it. I couldn't figure out why he would send a balloon and candy then flowers. But as I get closer I see the writing is female. 'Rose are red, Violets are blue, I am so happy that I am younger than you.' ReJena. O what a great friend she is. As I go to pick the vase up I see ..

The boot is broke and chiped and cracked and has a bandaid and is leaking water. The greenery is dry and shrivelled and the flowers well are half dead!!! She is a great friend and will be 50 in a few more years and I will out remember this one. Well when she called to order them she told them she wanted dead flowers, they couldn't believe it so to save face they sent the beautiful rose with this beat up ole boot. Just got back from going out to eat. Stuffed I am, and a year older now. Still a great life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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