Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quilts and Cards

This is one of Karen O's quilts. cute little baskets. This top just screamed for something other than an all over pattern.

This quilt also belongs to Karen O. I know that the kimono's were from a block swap. If I would have known that these little kimono's were so cute and could make such a beautiful top I would have paticipated in this swap too. But then I wouldn't have had any other oriental fabric to go with it. I think Karen did a wonderful job putting this one together.

It sure is funny how when you turn 50 everyone remembers. Even my kids came across with a gift this year. But anyway, over a month ago I started getting post cards from my younger sister who lives in Parsons KS. Each post card had no message just a number on it. starting with 1 then 2 then 3 and so on. At first I thought it was a count down to our family newsletter that she was doing, but I kept getting them after that. then I thought that she was sending them out to announce our family Christmas get together. But no at number 25 she said half way there and I knew that there was way to many more days for the Christmas thingie. She was thinking way ahead of me that is for sure. Or maybe I was just blocking out the birthday but it didn't even register to me until I got the first ones with letters on it, spelling out Happy Birthday 50, what she was doing. Of course she couldn't just let that go alone either she had to send a red hat and re hatter purse to go with it.
Well I had this dream a couple of days before the birthday, that I come home from work and my house is all TP'd with Black Streamers. The one sister that now lives in VT had done this to my little office area at work when I had turned 40, so I guess I was overlapping this to my dream now. I told a firend about this dream the day before the birthday and a co worker about the day of the birthday. Got home and no black streamers anywhere, but when my sister from Neosho MO called she told me that one night just a couple of nights earlier she had thought about calling the hubby and telling him to TP the house in black streamers. Is this a twilight moment or what. She thought it,I dreamnt it. EErie feeling. co worker thought maybe we were twins, nope.

Ok I have rambled on enough for now.

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