Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sundays News

I have been asked about the gym! Yes I am still going. I had to take a week off due to getting quilts done. I really think I over did it the first week. So I have changed the routine. No more piyo (pilates yoga mix) that was just way to much for this ole lady right now. I do want to get to that stage someday but I just thought it is to be relaxing and if I was straining to do it and couldn't breathe right, I was not relaxing so lets wait. Lets get in a little better shape first. So now it is Mon thru Thur treadmill then machines then bike. On Tues and Thurs I do water areobics after this. My sister had a dream that I was loosing weight. I reassured her that this was a dream. I have done nothing to change my eating habits. In fact we eat out every meal on the weekends. I do try to have salads when we do this tho. But so far nothing has changed there so loosing weight is not in the cards right now. I did bring out the healthy cooking cook books. I even looked at them and jotted down a few pages for future reference. Someday Someday

Here's a purse I made out of duct tape. Yep you heard it, Duct Tape. I took a shortening can and wrapped it with Duct tape sticky side out. Bottom first four or five layers, then the sides. I added old laces and trims with an old vintage photo. I sewed fabric to the top with a draw string and added plastic handles. I carried this once to show it off but that is it. I don't like the ruffle I put on the bottom but then it doesn't even look as bad as it does in the photo. It hangs with the other purses for all to see. Something different to do.

This is ReJena's Pirate quilt. She wanted something that looked like waves on it. My Hubby thought it looked like waves so I went with this design. Now I am not for sure. I did a ship in the bottle in the four corners of the borders.

Ok I think that catches you up for this week!
Till next time

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