Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cathcing Up

The rows that follow belong to a fellow club member, Betty. We are doing a Row by Row and these are hers. She wants 30's and do the same block in different colors across the row. I wanted to do the bow tie block but thought that would be too boring all in the 12" block and too busy in the 6", so I asked her if I could do it alternating. She approved it and I hope she likes the results. Here are the grandkids. I couldn't pick the best pic. I mean the top one is a normal look for them but the bottom one is so cute too. They came over on Labor Day and these were taken then.

I have got some quilts quilted but I forgot to take photos before they made their way back to their rightful owners. Oh well that happens sometimes.
Next on my list is to get the directions together for the Peek-a-Boo Wallhanging that I posted sometime back. I will post them on here, when they are complete, for anyone who wants to learn this method.
Ok off to bed, I just saw how late it is.

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