Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, I still am not sure if I am over the trip to MO or not. I left on Wed morning of the 1st and drove to my cousins house just south of St. Louis. Picked her up and then got back on the road for the next 5 hours to Granby, MO. This is where my parents live. I did stop in Springfield and checked out Merrily We Quilt. Great shop, and of course I spent money there,bought some pale fabric with old gas pumps and cars in black and also some route 66 fabric. I invision some type of whole cloth with these, one on front and the other on the back, quilted with old cars and such.

On Thursday two of my other sisters came over to the sisters house their in MO and we had a cook out. Only men allowed was my dad and my sisters hubby, the cook. I had a neice show up with her little 5 month old son, so I guess their were 3 males their. It was great sitting around telling stories about the past. Some brought up bad memories but most were good and could be laughed at now. All in all it was great spending time with my family. It is rough being so far away from family. Those that have family right around the corner just don't know how lucky there are.

Friday found my cousin and I hitting all the antique and junk shops we could find, in nearby Neosho. As with all towns now it seems that the business' have moved out and the old historical buildings are left to crumble, in hopes that some antique shop moves in. We had a blast! I got a great deal on a vintage Whiting and Davis metal mesh purse. I love these purses and seem to have quite the collection of them. We then went to Newtonia and checked out the Civil War Cemetary and Civil War house.

Sat we packed back up in the car and headed back to her house to see fireworks. As we were loading up their RV to head off to the fireworks I noticed my tire getting low on air. UH OH not good for a gal traveling the rest of the 5 hour trip home alone. So off to the station to air it up. So Sunday morning we I got up to go guess what, the tire was flat as a pancake. So off to the Wal-Mart to get it fixed. They said it was a bone, the nastiest, smellest, foulest thing he had ever got out of a tire. Ok Ok now don't go where most do and start talking about how I had been at the cemetary the night before! I had always heard that you don't want to run over road kill for it can puncture you tire. Well I guess that one is true.

I have had to finish two Row by Rows that I am doing so I just unpacked tonight. Yes I am a little slow. I also managed to put the final stitches in the binding of a UFO I have had. Yeah check that one off the list. This is the one I posted couple weeks ago about the double cable border giving me fits. Well it is done now. I even hung it up and took the pic without bothering the hubs. This one is going on our bed this fall, I love the colors, the brightness, it just makes me happy.

Well off to bed I have to work tomorrow

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