Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stashbusting Retreat

Ok I really think they call it Quiltville retreat but stashbusting is just as good. Yes you got it Bonnie Hunter is coming and giving workshops. Woohoo! I can't wait. I just found the retreat and got the last spots available. God is shining on me. I have known for years that I need to bust stash, and Lord knows I love the scrappy quilts, I just have a hard time with a system. I have read and re-read Bonnie's method and makes perfect sense to me BUT I only have time for one cut. 2.5" squares. I do have a small tote with 1.5" squares but those 2.5" are out of control. I am hoping that even tho this retreat is a workshop for her quilts that I can still come away with enough enthusiasm for getting organized in my stash. I know that scrappy quilts are my favorite. (Oh what am I saying! They are all my favorite) But to prove a point here are some pics of some of my quilts I have done.

Here is a pic of one that I made years ago it is with 2.5" squares. This one went to my son and his wife. They do use it alot and I am glad. I call this Susan's Vacations Interrupted. Those are little mini trips around the world, so they must be vacations right and then there are 9-patches right in the middle. There are over 2,000 squares and these were all cut and pieced individually. I can't believe that I actually did this now that I know the strip piecing method. We live and learn.

This top on the right was given to my other son. I call it String Therapy. I tried to use something other than the 2.5" squares. I must have been tired of them after Susan's Vacation, but I never really got into the strings either. So I don't think there will be another string quilt. The quilt on the left is one of 4 I made with the Rail Fence, each one of my 3 grandkids got one of these I call them Bars from the Past, since most of the fabrics are from the 50's and 60's. I would have never made 4 of these but I bought a box of fabric at an auction and these bars were pre cut so off to the races I went. You see I can't throw anything out. I keep it all. Poly blends, see thrus are ok with me I just use them for linings in my purse or something like that. Yes I need to get a grip on my stash

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  1. Congrats on getting that last spot for the retreat. I am sure it will be awesome with Bonnie Hunter there. Quilts look great as usual!


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