Friday, July 10, 2009

Club RR's, Using the Stash, Weekend Plans

This is Carmie's row with my row. She didn't want the rows sewn together, and she wanted Red, White and Black and wanted her blocks to do with Love and or marriage. I have the Lovers Knot Wedding Ring and paper pieced rose buds. The other two blocks are just blocks I wanted to use.

These are Carol's rows. She wanted Red Whte and Navy and her theme was Military and Patriotic. With this theme I chose the Army Star. I am doing two of these RR's becuz one lady had to drop out before it even started. I couldn't let them go one row short. I thought I had a picture of my starter rows. One is a stashbuster. The split 9-patch in all scraps. I really like the scrappy quilts and making these up really help to get rid of the stash. I really didn't think I had a big stash but then I get to looking around and I have 2 big rooms full of fabric. My motto is buy while I have the money for I may loose my job tomorrow. But I have to be real and last year went with the motto only buy if I need it for a project. I did well with this but have went lax as of this year. But I am busting out of the seams so I need to really do some stash busting. So brought out another scrappy that I started some 10 years ago. OK maybe 8 years ago. Maybe it was 15. I don't even have the pattern any more and now I am unsure if I want to draft it out and do more. I don't use table toppers so I need the push from someone or everyone to get this done, or it will go back into the UFO pile. Does anyone know the name of this off hand.
So this weekend the goal is to get at least one stash busting top done. (Don't think it will be this one)

My grand daughter turned 4 Tues so as soon as I get off her I am going to get her to spend the night with me. Then tomorrow I will take her shopping to go get her a birthday present. I am sure this will be a new baby doll, but we will see.

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